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  1. Thank you for your opinion (except microsoft, "the vast majority of (littlesmall) software companies do )
  2. Martin, that's good input. My setup is Firefox under Solaris but I am unfamiliar with the underlying voodoo. All I know is that once the web EN client starting showing PDFs, the X server process started consuming lots of CPU and the whole desktop slowed to a crawl. If you know of a fix or can tell me where to download and install something to make things better, I would appreciate it. martyscholes, if i've good understood, you are speaking about the embedded PDF rendering in notes with PDF attached. On linux, with chromium i don't experience this performance issue. With firefox i got a 25% on two CPU threads (dual core + hyper threading, then 25% on a core) P.S: Sooner or later, a native client will come. Evernote can't ignore linux while others are not. Until EN continue ignoring Linux, i will use it only for testing.
  3. with web version you can't use evernote without a internet connection, you can't export notes you can't import notes etc. etc. If the web version is all you need, you don't need evernote
  4. martyscholesYou can use the distro you like, if a distro is LSB compliant, is a GNU/linux, Gimp is written with GTK, but it works under QT, under openmotif, under e17 compositor. K3B is written in qt, but it work under every desktop environment (in fact it work under windows too, the whole KDE run under windows ....) http://www.linuxfoundation.org/collaborate/workgroups/lsb here you can find the answer about what is linux The cpu isn't a problem, may be if linux will grow on tablet or an arm based netbook will invade the market it become a problem. But i know, you know better than me how simple is to compile for arm instead x86_64 or ppc
  5. Really??? Like what? I've yet to see anything that's really a true competitor of Evernote. The usual comparison is OneNote & even that is not really a true competitor. look at your PM Why are you PM'ing me? The apps (only two? - I thought they were "[springing] up like mushrooms after rain"?) you mentioned are not top secret. And so far, I'd have to say although some users find these apps useful, they really are not on the level of an EN competitor. In so many ways. not yet, to you already better, to me.
  6. Really??? Like what? I've yet to see anything that's really a true competitor of Evernote. The usual comparison is OneNote & even that is not really a true competitor. look at your PM
  7. JohnMathews, this is their choice, i don't care, maybe evernote was innovative some times ago, but now competitors are borning as mushrooms after rain
  8. The world is always changing -- it'd be a poor software developer who didn't pay attention. The question is, do the alternatives that you mention exist on all of the platforms that Evernote exists on, and are they viable alternatives? Remember, there are a lot of Evernote "alternatives" in the non-Linux world as well, including OneNote. Jefito, in mine interest, i know the only one platform i care, isn't supported at all by EN, in fact i use randomly EN, when i can't use my laptop but a customer's workstation. At home every EN note written is moved on another compliant cloud.
  9. the world is changing guys, http://store.steampowered.com/news/9943/ and i bet EN has been changed too, looking the market the alternatives linux native for EN are growing ....
  10. et voila, https://github.com/nvbn/everpad/blob/develop/data/everpad-note.png the new icon
  11. multiply per user and you can watch the total per platform then re-read about the great investement
  12. I have been in this game long enough to have seen the same pattern play out over and over. Ten years ago I predicted that mobile devices would erode the PC market. My wife laughed at me, stating that nothing mobile could entirely replace the PC. She was right, but today she uses her phone and tablet for almost everything. Before that, people said that a laptop could never do everything a desktop could do, and they were right. Yet look around and ask how many desktops have been sold lately relative to laptops. Before that, people that a PC could never do everything a scientific workstation could do, and they were right. Yet look around and tell me how many scientific workstations you see. Before that, people said that a mid-range computer could never do everything a mainframe could, and they were right. Yet again, look around. Can a tablet do everything your ultrabook does? Of course not, but it doesn't matter. The way you interact with the machine will change to take advantage of the tablet's strengths. martyscholes i agree with you, i read asimov since I can read, and ever i agree with him in "miniaturization" of technology (i am 40 years old, my first calculator was a c16), you use a tablet when you use it to surf, to skype friends, to make video or photos, to read an ebook etc etc when you need ever a keyboard because of the screen size is too small with a touch keyboard, what you need is an ultrabook to have comfort. about mainframe (or pX ibm, or sparc sun) and mid range servers (x86_64), on the balance the more weight is the god $$ . off course if you need a server to run apache or tomcat + mysql, you don't need a mainframe
  13. You can. There are two of them: NixNote and EverPad. What you cannot have -- at least at this time -- is a native Linux client made by Evernote, because they have chosen not to write one. It's really that simple. you tried NixNote on windows if i good remember, i tried both ... one java the other is a python client ... baumgarr made a great job with nixnote, and is fast with a small number of notes (just read the nixnote forum) what a linux user need is a native - fast - C++ memory optimized client baumgarr was writing one, but the develope is stopped P.S. something tell me evernote is already working on this
  14. look the 2009/2010 stats: http://blog.evernote.com/blog/2011/01/04/evernote-2010-a-year-in-stats/ evernote was launched in 2008. Blackberry os was never, and looking at today will be never,a great marketplace for a software house. Look at desktop stats, linux users are in web users and in the windows users (wine and virtual machine). No stats for other clients. I have an android phone and an android tablet, why i must not have a native client for desktop too? I don't write notes while playing with mobile devices, why i can't use native client while working with my linux laptop? Like blackberry users, they have their mobile and desktop client !!!! Probably i never become an evernote premium user, and probably i'll migrate first to have 50 notes (i have 17 right now) or just wait "google notes" or "google buy evernote" to have my client and become a premium user You said a student wouldn't write their thesis on a 10" screen with a touch keyboard. I am saying that I am a student and I am writing my thesis on a tablet, though most of it is with the external keyboard. iPad 499 + 69 + 29 = 597 Macbook Air = 999 iPad battery = 10 hours (maybe 8, depending on usage) MBA = 5 (maybe 4, depending on usage) iPad = handwriting MBA = no handwriting iPad = reading (portrait mode) MBA = difficult to read a book, for example (no portrait mode) iPad = less powerful, BUT, how much power do I need to write this sentence? MBA = more powerful, and a great computer, BUT more than needed for some tasks simply i was saying you are using your ipad as an airbook with external keyboard i am an system admin, on my tablet i have a 3g module, a vpn client, a remote desktop client, an external keyboard (with two usb ports), the whole *nix tools needed to interact with *nix platform and it is ok when i am on holiday but work with the ultrabook is more comfortable as you can imagine just keep in mind, to pretend a tablet will replace a notebook maybe impossible or very uncomfortable in some circustances (maybe with next tablet generation) just look here https://github.com/nvbn/everpad/blob/develop/data/everpad-note.png and wait evernote ask to everpad to change icon, if not the icon is licenseless and everyone is free to use it
  15. market share ..... after blackberry os client ..... i bet there are more premium users using wine or unofficial client under linux + some mobile device than with microsoft desktop + blackberry os mobile
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