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  1. OK, after a few weeks of using v10, or not using it much really, because it made doing everything I did in the 'legacy' version so much harder, or even impossible, I've reverted to the Legacy version. All I can say is, it's a breath of fresh air. Sure, I was a bit tired of the dated looking interface and sometimes slow search, but having used v10 for a few weeks, damn, the legacy version is the nuts! It handles scanning, especially from Scansnap a million times better, you can search in text (including encrypted/decrypted text), it'll actually start with windows and sync, I can find stuff in the folder lists far more easily, the preview is better, etc., etc., etc. I've been a paid Evernote user for a very long time. As feedback, all I can say is, Legacy version rocks, v10 is useless to me. I will not pay for it. I have to at least give Evernote some kudos for not committing suicide and at least releasing the 'Legacy' version. Without that, I am sure users will simply abandon EN with haste. At least with this available it gives EN a chance to catch the new version up with all the stuff the 'legacy' version already does, did, and good old paid loyal users rely on. What is it they say? It's 10 times harder to aquire a new customer than keep an old one? EN, you really should read up on that one. I've uninstalled the v10. Honestly, it did nothing for me, at all.
  2. Hello, For me, the great thing about evernote has always been because it works well with my scansnap scanner. Fantastic thing. But, with e10, that all seem to have falled apart and I cannot see a way to resolve this. problem 1. Though I managed to re-point the scansnap to the new e10 executable, when evernote imports things now, it dumps them into an unfindable 'imported notes' folder, with title of the file name. In the old version you could set a notebook, or set it to put it in the notebook you were currently in (that's what I used), and it was great. I cannot find _any_ detailed settings for the new e10, and certainly not this option. Hopfully I am just missing it? The same goes for import of other stuff. I had a right click, send to evernote on my file explorer, which would just sent stuff into the current notebook. No more! How to fix, please? Second BIG issue for me, search (find for text etc.) no longer works in encrypted texts. I have some lengthy notes that are encrypted. If I 'reveal' then to work on them/read them, I would search for the relevant note using ctrl-f for find. Find loads, but it does not find any text inside the revealed notes. Again, how to fix, please? Other thing I cannot find, given I cannot find a 'preferences' menu with more than 1 single option on it in this version. How to set start on windows startup. It was just a checkbox in prior version. This version does not seem to have that and does not start with windows. I'm glad to see evernote finally getting some love, but it looks like some fairly critical for some people features have maybe been dropped. For me, the 2 above things are the different between me subscribing, and not. I hope this just either my oversight (I cannot find the options), or they are due to be added soon, else for me, e10 is pretty useless. Thanks!
  3. There is an annoyance that if you have an encrypted note, decrypt it for viewing by entering the password and try to print it, you cannot. You'll just get the hidden version. The only way seems to be to permanently decrypt the note, print it, the re-encrypt it. I do not want to have to do this because it is annoying for one and 2, may result in the un-encrypted note being saved or synced, which I am trying to avoid by having it encrypted in the first place. Can you change the behaviour so that if it is unencrypted in the display, you can print it?
  4. Hi, I know this has been commented on in some of the release notes for the clipper elsewhere (by me and others), but it's really making my blood boil, so though I would post a thread here in the hope Evernote do in fact read the product feedback posts and take note. I hope this isn't too much of a duplicate of others requesting the same. Since the web clipper was updated some months back and the local save option removed, something I used multiple times daily with pleasure has become a constant annoyance for me. Save to cloud only is NOT an option for some of us. For instance, where I am, for whatever reason, my provider seems unable to reach evernote servers once in awhile. For me, the clipper then becomes a dead tool. Internet in all places in the globe is not always good. Mine here is very poor. Whilst I have broadband, it is slow, but it's the best I can get where I live. I just tried to clip a PDF. It's 139 pages. It's still sitting there minutes later, icons spinning. Now I have to manually request my desktop version sync so I can get it locally and work with that note(s). It's a stupid workflow. Very inefficient. The very things evernote is supposed to improve. it was almost perfect as it was, with local save enabled. It would create the note instantly and sync if needed in the background, when the internet was available, whilst I worked. This is not possible any more. Please, please, please bring back the local save option. Thanks.
  5. Yes, totally, 100% I've even used it, maybe half a dozen times via the web gui in the years I've been using EN. I'm also very happy all my data is securely stored offsite and available across my many devices. For me, I use the android client and the windows client. It is far, far more efficient for me to work on the local client than try to use the web gui. I clip some long web docs (sometimes 100 page HTML statements etc) and want to work on them in EN right away - I can't (not anymore anyway). I have to wait for it to sync up to the cloud, them to process it, then it make it's way back down to my client - IMO, It's stupid. What took me seconds before can take minutes or longer now. When you add it to the client first, it starts a sync right away anyway, so all that happens neatly in the background and you just get on with working. Since they forced this change on us, I find myself swearing at EN, waiting for my local docs to sync so I can work on them. It's just a waste of my time and if I think about it, again, IMO, a far less reliable way to manage syncing local clips. I hope this explains why we don't like sync direct to the cloud, instead of the local clip option.
  6. Same here. Totally stupid if you ask me. I don't want all my data going up to the could, then back down, just so I can use it in the local client. Takes ages on a long clip and renders it useless if EN have any issues. Please evernote, based on the comments here, a large proportion of your userbase are not interested in the web interface. Please bring back local clipping.
  7. Hi, In the corporate environment, I used Outlook and the email clipper via the evernote plugin was incredibly good. Now I am outside of that environment, I'm using Windows 10 built in email client and miss the clipper terribly. I do forward emails to my evernote email address, but it's a very inefficient way to do this, slow waiting for the sync and then organise and adds/looses content you want. Are there are similar products to the email clipper for windows 10 email, or other email clients? Any plans for one?
  8. thanks - really, really miss the local save - I hope they add it back...
  9. Hi, Some of my clips started taking ages. I noticed I can't access them via my app either as it has not synced with the cloud yet. I had my clipper set to clip locally to the app on my windows desktop to prevent these issues, but it seems that option has now gone away and it can only sync to the cloud? If this is the case, then I have to provide the feedback that this choice is very bad. Clipping large web documents for example can take minutes to the cloud, seconds to local storage, where the sync can happen nicely in the background. In addition, I rarely use evernote web, prefering the local app to do my work. What I just clipped is not in the app until after a sync, which is another inconvenience. If it is possible to change this, please let me know.
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