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  1. I thought of a solution to this 250 notebook limit. Evernote can include in their next version update, a way for a premium user to be able to SELECT which notebooks are network, and which notebooks are local. This will solve the big problem. If there is a limit on syncable notebooks, and if there are unlimited local notebooks, this WILL solve the problem for sure.
  2. I too had absolutely NO idea that my premium evernote account had a 250 notebook limit. To be honest, I am shocked. Why was this not made into a "thing" to know beforehand?
  3. Web clipper for chrome is not accepting the syncing of new notebooks from the evernote software. Whats going on?
  4. As far as I am concerned, it is absolutely mandatory to be able to make a reminder recur. Absolutely necessary. I really hope that the amazing crew over at evernote, sees to this functionality.
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