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  1. Hi Friday, I haven't noticed any updating problems nor the ever present "synching error" notes in OneNote that I frequently had with Evernote. I will say the feature richness is definitely higher with EN vs ON - many simple things that EN does that ON doesn't (sorting recently updated notes to the top, etc.). But things so far that work for me better in ON - 1) consistent look/feel in any computer, browser, or iOS phone/ipad app, and 2) formatting is simple - not fighting formatting freakiness consistently, 3) no longer have double keystroke, double return problem on my iPad and Logistic ke
  2. I finally gave up and downloaded OneNote to my iPad, phone, personal and work computer. So far it really meets my needs - does appear to be a few features missing, but nothing that prevents me from getting what I need done. The strong pluses - the layout is consistent across all devices and far more intuitive - the notebook has pages with tabs across the top - very easy layout, and again consistent across devices. Unfortunately after all this time parting ways with Evernote and deactivated my premium account renewal.
  3. I really can't use my iPad anymore - the double key is happening regularly now. I'm going to call and ask for a solve or find another service.
  4. I echo most all the comments in here. Work Chat is not only a fail, it has caused great frustration trying to share notes with new users. What I used to easily be able to do has now become a complex multi-step process that is non-intuitive. I am really growing frustrated with the increasing difficulty doing the things that made me chose Evernote. I share notes - and it is now difficult to do that. I don't chat, don't want chat, don't use chat. I'm considering alternatives as Evernote is drifting away from the things I need it for.
  5. Did any of you experience a solve for this problem? I'm currently experiencing it with my iPad iOS device with a Logitech bluetooth keyboard.
  6. Problem is recurring for me as well. I use evernote on my iPad less now and am considering alternative solutions.
  7. Not sure how I'm forcing anything or setting priorities for the development team. I've both posted here and submitted a support ticket. Are you an employee or just trying to educate me how to engage a company that I'm paying for a service?
  8. I am still experiencing this problem. Now have two tickets opened 793769 --> 740648. I've sent logs a few times now, and a video demonstrating the behavior. I've upgraded to the latest iOS version - I've deleted and redownloaded the app several times. The behavior continues. My Logitech keyboard works perfectly in all other apps - it's just Evernote where this duplicate keystroke is occurring. What will it take to get this the right attention?
  9. I have 7.6.0 released 10/31/14. Again, I also have a support ticket open. I filmed a video demostrating the problem. Not sure what more I can do to help the support team isolate and fix the problem. Doesn't occur in ipad keypad, w/o the bluetooth keyboard.
  10. Oh god yes I am having this problem on many notes and it is getting worse. I have a long long running support ticket #740648 open - sending info, etc. I have an iPad and Logitech bluetooth keyboard. It is consistently on many notes - first letter typed is DD duplicated, and returns are duplicated, and back space to remove returns is duplicated. It's made my iPad and evernote unusable. I've got my whole team using this now and really stuck.
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