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  1. So What you are saying is that I would have to create a unique tag for each classification of customer, sort on that, and then go view the map, and only those sort returns will show up on that map? So for my need, sort on hospital.....only hospitals will show up, sort for hospital and nursing and both notebooks of "customers" would show up and the others will be left off? I will give this a try thanks!
  2. Hello all: New to the program but really like it so far. I am very interested in the GeoMap and Tagging ability of the software. Is there a way set visual filters on the map page? For example I want to create notebooks that represent customers. I have different classifications of customers, so I would like to be able to have the ability to display in different colored flags to display specific "notebooks" i.e.. customers. For example I have nursing schools as one customer, and I also have hospitals as another and fire departments as a third. I would like to be able to see one, two or all three sets of flags on the map and have them different colors for differentation. My rationale is that I may be calling or planning on one customer or customer set but at some point I may want to bring in another group that might be in the area. If I have a very high concentration of one group, the map could get very cluttered and this is a way to help organize it. Anyways if anyone knows if this can be done, or something like this I would greatly appreciate it!
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