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  1. The Moleskine site proper has them for sale, as psionmark noted, so I think I'll be able to pick them up there. But I appreciate your help solving this!
  2. You got it. That was a completely different page two weeks ago. It has been altered to remove the preorder option.
  3. I wish I did - the order was directly from BN.com though. There is still a listing for the notebooks on the site, but there is no longer an option to preorder.
  4. Hi all - Preordered my Evernote Moleskine notebooks through Barnes and Nobles and receive a disappointing email today that my order had been cancelled. Not only this, but the notebooks seem to have effectively dipped out of the purview of online retailers. Anyone know if this is simply a production delay or a sign of a more serious issue? I have a litany of uses for the notebooks and would very much like to own one as soon as possible.
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