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  1. I just want to mention that this most likely Apple's fault and not Evernote's. Apple has made extensions in Safari very complicated and difficult, and the EN clipper does A LOT. I'm sure it's a bear to get the thing working around Apple's restrictions.
  2. At 90k, you have 10k left before your account caps. This is not recommended. However, a product meant for storing photos has expandable storage offered, so you can upgrade when you need more space. If each photo were 25MB (over-estimate for JPG and under-estimate for RAW, but pretend it evens out), you're currently at 2.25 TB. Evernote will scream a horrible death if you put over 2 TB of photos in it. Evernote cannot do this. However, pretty much every photo backup solution can. Evernote really isn't built for storing large files. I tried storing .AI, .INDD and .PSD files in it as part of my project support and it was a miserable experience. They're slow to load, slow to open, and editing and then trying to save another copy won't add it to the note. You'll have to save it somewhere else and then move it into that note.
  3. Evernote is great at many things, but it is a terrible solution for photo backups. This is not what this software was created for, and it will fight you tooth-and-nail the entire way. You won't be able to batch-edit photos, the 200MB note limit will cripple you, and quickly browsing through your photos will be agony. I'm pretty sure there's an old thread on here somewhere where EN staff outright discourage this practice, but I can't find it for the life of me. Use a tool that's meant for this type of backup. Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. all support automatic photo backup services.
  4. The clipper has now been fixed, and I can report that on my end, the problems have stopped. Follow these instructions to get yours on track again:
  5. Has anyone else noticed issues with Chrome's clipper interfering with keyboard shortcuts in Gmail? When I have the clipper installed, the shortcuts act like they don't work. If I refresh the page, they do whatever they were trying to do (archive, label, etc.). Even if I go back to my inbox, the changes don't apply until I refresh the page. For me this began on Friday. I'm on a Mac running macOS 10.14.2, Chrome Version 73.0.3683.86 (Official Build) (64-bit).
  6. Just commenting to say this is still a very, very frustrating problem. I 100% blame Google because across the board they're tanking their products, but has anyone found a solution? Right now I'm just forwarding them, which is fine but not ideal as it doesn't have a link back to the email.
  7. I am definitely in the "lots of PDFs but they're relatively small" camp, and use tags and searching without much issue. However, I definitely have a lot of manuals, genealogy information, etc. in my database that can be scores of pages inside one PDF. When possible, I actually try to break those out into separate PDFs and separate notes to help chunk it out into better lumps for organizing. I also rely pretty heavily on the annotation summary you can enable when annotating a PDF. It adds little snippets at the top of the PDF showing the edits and annotations you've made and what page they're on. So, when I add PDFs that are huge (like the one below), I make sure to edit and annotate it to show the bits that are important in the PDF at the top as a point of reference. Example:
  8. For me at least, I found the Windows client to be difficult to use because of its design. Very little contrast between different sections of the app, the note title text/snippet title text is very small, the thumbnail view's note title overlaps the content, so when the content is text-heavy images/PDFs it's illegible, and it's had this bug for YEARS where certain tags are duplicated in your sidebar tags list if they're used in shared notebooks, with the username of the notebook owner next to them. No way to remove them, no way to hide them, and no other client has this issue. I've reported it multiple times and never gotten a fix. And, the Chrome PDF viewer is an abomination. I hate that thing with the passion of a thousand fiery suns. The Mac client still has the older PDF viewer, and it's so much better.
  9. This has always been one of my personal gripes with how Evernote develops their apps. Specifically, each platform has its own team that, essentially, does its own thing. This leads to wildly different experiences (and apps!) on different platforms. For example, the Windows client rolled out using the Chrome PDF viewer about a year ago. It's nowhere to be found in the Mac client (thank GOD). It's a terrible experience, cut off a bunch of abilities you could previously do (like drag the PDF out of Evernote and into something else). And it's Windows only. You also have apps that look wildly different. IMO, the Mac client has a great design team. It looks nice, it looks like it belongs in macOS, there's pretty solid type hierarchy. And the Windows client... small text across the board, header text is small, the snippet view is unusable when you've got text-based PDFs/images in the note, etc. This was the first thing I thought of when I read this brand refresh. A major aspect of things like this is to get the entire company going the same direction. And when it comes with a brand overhaul (like logo tweaks and such, not just a new slogan), it usually also means a streamlining of the software appearance. I'm desperately hoping that means Mac and Windows clients that look at all remotely like they're the same software.
  10. I have hundreds of tags, and since I’ve used the same relative organizational scheme for 5+ years, I find that I’m perfectly okay without the tag hierarchy on mobile. I know my tags and often search by them instead of filtering from a tag list. However, I am absolutely a firm believer that Evernote better improve feature parity between its apps if it wants to survive, and that means getting hierarchy support for tags on mobile. It also means making the Windows client less of a complete travesty, but that’s a convo for another thread. However, I think tags are still the better choice and that anyone who commits to them and uses them will in fact survive on mobile without the hierarchy. Though the hierarchy is obviously desired and should be implemented.
  11. Your quote of me didn't actually include any text. Was there a certain part you didn't like? Which comment in particular were you replying to?
  12. I absolutely understand this sentiment. I cheered when my work PC got swapped for a Mac. EN for Windows is a much, much poorer experience than its Mac counterpart. I sincerely hope the rebrand comes with an entire overhaul of that platform, myself.
  13. Commenting in a forum to essentially complain with no intention of finding an actual solution, I would argue, wastes more time. I, in good faith, was trying to understand your use case to see if a solution could be found. If you just want to complain that Evernote doesn't have enough notebooks for your liking, then use the search feature, find an already existing request, and voice your complaint there. Or hop into the thread @DTLow linked. To quote Annie Get Your Gun, anything notebooks can do, tags can do better. You can drag notes onto tags, just like notebooks. Except that you can have notes with more than one tag, which is a limitation of notebooks. You can nest tags deeper than you can notebooks. The only things you can't do via tag is save for offline or share. But it's easy enough to create notebooks for those use cases and then store everything else outside of that. You can literally replicate your notebook structure as tags and it will barely impact your workflow. Many have done so, and discussed this in these very forums. What is your reasoning for liking notebooks over tags? Since they are so similar in most regards (except that tags have more abilities), I'm curious why you're so gung-ho. Is it the verbage? The icon? Do you share a lot? Save a lot for offline? I'm trying to understand your use case and trying to help. Because I'm not holding my breath that Evernote will add more notebooks. Maybe they will. But until they do, we're happy to help you find a solution. We're not happy to be your Evernote punching bag, however.
  14. Count me as someone who wants scheduled (vs automatic) syncing back. Sitting here trying to make bulk changes and I can't add tags to notes because it's taking forever to sync after I add each tag... so frustrating. evernote tag sync issue.mov
  15. Not sure if I should put a feature request here or not, but I'd like to request TIFF preview support. Currently they only show as icons, but as that's macOS's default format for screenshots, it'd be nice to support them in Evernote. Especially since they show in snippet view.
  16. How do you organize your content? Is it possible to create tags for some of the notebooks, leaving notebooks themselves for projects only? I'm a tagger so I have a hard time working with any workflow that heavily uses notebooks as I always want to be able to find a note by at least two methods (project and note type), so I have to use tags by default. But maybe a certain type of notebook could be converted to tags, and notebooks can be saved for current projects only?
  17. Now if we can just get rid of the thing we'll be happy Seriously, though. What a huge waste of space. I understand it for smaller screens (and enjoy it on my laptop), but please let us turn it off for larger displays.
  18. Overall I really like the colors in the client. They feel warmer than before, and are easier on the eyes. However, the note count and notebook names blend together too much in the sidebar, in my opinion. I find it interferes in my readability when I'm trying to find a notebook. Is there a way the numbers can be darker? Like how the "Notebooks" text and the icons are slightly less opaque than the rest of the text? Or maybe a different color, like a pale green or grey? Some way to make the notebook names themselves easier to read would be great. In the hierarchy of info in the sidebar, the notebook name and note count aren't at the same level of importance. Thanks! (please don't judge my notebook disorganization; I'm reorganizing and most of these are temporary )
  19. Hate hate hate this. I have a 27" monitor and have no need for this. Please let this work like the Windows client, where you can choose what sits inside of the ... option and what sits outside in the header. Every single one of these actions now takes an extra click. Ouch!
  20. Hoping for an update soon for Safari's clipper - still not working here.
  21. Don't even get me STARTED on this bug. I have spent 6+ months searching for an alternative to Evernote because this is rage-inducing. Don't allow us to share notebooks at all if the implementation is going to be this craptastic IMHO. It's terrible. As I said, I've spent 6+ months looking for alternatives, and all I can say is that there isn't one. I have tried everything - even just exporting as PDFs and using my Mac's spotlight search to find stuff, and nothing works quite like Evernote. I have given up the hunt and accepted that I'm trapped in the system. You have no way of proving this -- because it's simply not true. It's kind of a ridiculous claim, actually. Does anything in the entire world work this way? That if 100 people complain and 1 person says it's fine, they go with the 1 instead of 100? No. Because it's kind of ridiculous to even suggest. You just need to accept that not everyone will agree with you. Not everyone has your priorities. Not everyone uses Evernote in such a way that they run into the bugs you do. Sorry, that's life. It doesn't mean no one is listening to your complaints -- it just means that we're all different people and have different needs and wants from Evernote. And stop it with the insinuation that Gurus work for Evernote. We don't. I'd love to work for Evernote -- those employees are guaranteed to be better paid than I am. But I don't. I'm a Super Guru because I commented enough in these forums. That's literally the criteria. Keep commenting and eventually you'll be one, too. Trying to insinuate we work for Evernote doesn't help validate your points -- it just makes it harder to have a productive conversation with you. And anyway, if you took 5 seconds to go through any of the Super Gurus comment history here, you'd see plenty of complaints. Just scroll up in this very comment to see one from me.
  22. If you're so convinced you're right and have no interest in actually learning some perspective other than yours, is it really necessary to post a topic on it here? Forums are for discussion. If you want to shout it to the world and not have anyone challenge your viewpoint, kindly create a blog and turn comments off. Thank you. For everyone else who doesn't have their fingers in their ears: Just because something doesn't have an immediately tangible effect, doesn't mean it isn't bringing good things in the near future. To think that this re-branding, of a sort, is a waste of time/money is to have a very short-sighted perspective. That, or another excuse to complain (which is what this thread reads like). This is a focusing effort for Evernote that has me excited. I have pretty much spent my last 6 months in these forums whining about the quality of the software. As is, I'm sitting here with Evernote syncing and useless, which it's been doing for an HOUR, because I had to duplicate 500 notes due to the inability to change notebook owners. I have more frustrations with Evernote than I can count. Just check my post history. But this rebrand is a sign of possibly positive change. It's an effort from Evernote to have a mission, a focus, and priorities. The company, and its product, have bloated and swelled over the years. We all know this - we complain about it constantly. Rebrands like this often serve 2 purposes: Get the company, and its employees, back on the same train, driving towards the same goals and working on the same priorities. Get the company back in the consumer eye, and to drum up interest so people start using Evernote again (in the hopes of change to come) #1 serves our interests, because it looks like the company's going to tackle its bloat problem. I am hoping, myself, that this means better feature parity between clients, for one thing. There is no reason for the Windows and Mac apps to be so wildly different. Reading between the lines, I think issues like this will be fixed. There will be greater consistency and reliability. A greater focus on core features and getting them right, versus just throwing things in and seeing what sticks. I also think it's to help morale and productivity in-house. I'm curious just how many behind-the-scenes "refreshes" will take place that we don't see. #2 serves the investors and company in that it keeps the doors open. Pretty straightforward benefit, honestly. This is a long game on Evernote's part. I imagine the staff will feel it a lot more than us, at first. But it will give the company a direction - a road to follow. When making decisions based on features, they have a framework for deciding its priority, or whether or not it should happen. Down the road, I imagine Evernote will be streamlined, refined, and a better tool for everyone. If y'all can just stop whining for a sec or to and see
  23. It's July in 2018 and this is still super annoying. I know other Super Gurus are in here who would disagree, but I find it, frankly, a bit sad that this still isn't a feature. I've been an active Evernote user since 2010, active in this forum, but have been off and on with Evernote over the past year because of little problems like this. Except in my case, this is still a major pain in the rump. I don't think it's appropriate to tell people how to manage their information in their use case, either. If people say they want to give people permission to create/edit tags in their Shared Notebooks, trying to convince them otherwise is a bit rude IMO. They know their use case best. It reads like we're trying to say Evernote shouldn't have notebook function at all because we find Tags the best way to organize information. It's our database, to pollute or organize as we see fit. And I simply don't find "we designed it this way on purpose" a reason to stop having a conversation about this very needed feature. I honestly can't use tags in my account AT ALL because this "feature" is so broken. I've got 3 different versions of essentially the same tag from different shared notebooks with different owners. Instead of just being able to do a tag:tagName search or click the tag to find things, I have to remember that there are all these different tag versions floating around and to look in each one. Pretty useless. The fact is, this "feature" cripples tags across the entirety of Evernote. Let us make this a permission setting when sharing a notebook. If you don't like it, you don't have to use it. Of course, it's been 7 years, so I have 0 hope of it becoming a feature. I'll just continue to migrate my shared data out of Evernote, because this cripples my entire account.
  24. On this we agree. I still don't think there's any argument to be made for having them at all, but if others want to waste their time with them, they're welcome to. As long as there's a way for me to turn them off I'll be happy. Of course, I don't hold much hope for Evernote fixing this. It's been in the software 4 years; clearly emojis are more important than fixing these sorts of things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  25. This can get really hairy. What if a tag is used in 20 notebooks? Does it show up 20x in the sidebar/tag list? IMO it's best to have the tag show up once with its full total and be done with it. The Windows client is the ONLY one with this duplicate tag issue. No other client has ever shown duplicate tags nor had this as a bug. But Windows has had it for years. This is one of those feature non-parity issues that drives me nuts about the Evernote desktop clients. If they all functioned the same, it wouldn't be an issue. But because each client is developed wildly different from the others, each has their own "hot mess" pot - and this one is unique to the Windows client. For consistency's sake, these duplicate tags should just be removed. I don't think adding them to the other clients and giving them a bunch of extra features is worth it right now. Nuke them, and then if people request the feature later, consider adding it to every client. Right now it's just a massive distraction and a mess. Tags, as they stand, sit outside notebooks. This is a core function of Evernote. To keep these tags separate in the note list is to suddenly have notebook-specific tags. In that case, you better roll it out as a feature for every notebook. That would mean a notebook has its own tag list. And that, in my opinion, ruins tags. Keep Evernote functioning the way it is, and remove these dupes.
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