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  1. I would like to be the grave digger that resuscitate this topic. it seems that Notebook Publishing is now gone from the new Evernote for Mac and Windows as well as IOS. I had to use the old version to be able to make a Notebook public. Now I found out that Evernote is only mentioned Publishing Notebook for Business Users only as one of their next feature. Are they planning to kill the features for us?? I tried publishing a notebook with lots of notes and it worked but the rendering for long list is full of bugs on Edge, Chrome, Safari and doesn't display well anymore.
  2. I am currently testing Pleexy for an Evernote/Todoist integration and I get to say this is very powerfull. https://www.pleexy.com/integrations/todoist/integrate-evernote-todoist/
  3. For now, you can only do that using Evernote legacy.
  4. It rendered me mad, I just logged a ticket! But I now followed your trick and it worked! Glory to this forum!!!
  5. Is the option to Publish Notebook gone? It is not referred to anywhere now apart for Evernote Business.
  6. Missing notebooks mostly for PARA users I worked when I removed the dot (.) in the stack name. Now I see all my stacks, because my stacks name are like "1: Projects" and no more "1. Projects".
  7. Just did that, for now it looks like this is no more crashing. Will update that post if this comes back. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Hello. I am on Iphone 12, IOS crashes often after opened My first language is ENglish, But I have French and Japanese on the phone. Same settings on the Ipad and both same versions 10.0.2 but no crash on ipad. On the iPhone, when I open the app. I just have to wait few seconds and the app will crash, no other button pressed.
  9. So I am always up to date, I was just referencing that I had the issue even after the 8.23 update. It was and still is an intermittent bug, I don’t know what triggered it. I have done teste as well as so far no more but it was always the case that it happens once in a while.
  10. It looks like the bug is back after 8.23 release. I found one case today, veerrrrryy annoying.
  11. I had the exact same issue this morning, it shows that I have reached my limits in my IOS apps but not on the web.
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