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  1. + 1 for not displaying recent searches when using the short-cut for search. I use that short-cut to make Evernote visible. In 5.0 the recent searches are presented in front of the note itself. Only the 5 most recent but I would prefer to have none. A seperate short-cut to activate Evernote with nothing selected is also fine.
  2. I understand there are several ways to do this ... Your method is less obtrusive but it stills requires you to leave your note ... which I find is disturbing for the thought-process. I would prefer a better way to create links to notes as when your database is growing you will be making more links between notes to create/preserve the context. Jeroen
  3. Hello, I make a lot of use of links to other notes, specially as when the number of notes get higher it is more difficult to see connections between notes in the tree. As context is everything I add a lot of links in a note. Currently I do this : search for a note select it copy note-link (in the right-click menu) going back to my first note paste it. This seems to be a little much work. It could be: Hit the shortcut-key to make a link (or an entry in the editor's right-click menu) a small search windows appears and you can start typing the search text when found hit enter and a link to the note is added Besides an easier way to do the same it fits better in the workflow when you editing a note. In the first scenario you have to leave the editor to find a note and come back. With the second scenario you stay where you are (in de note-editor) and you add the link when you want it and can continue again. I may overlook some functionality (I am on a Free plan) but this is a feature I would prefer to see added to a next version of Evernote Desktop. What do you think? Jeroenophetweb
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