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  1. Perhaps you shouldn't have to. But you can. It's a viable workaround & not the end of the world.A work around for a ridiculously stupid problem. $45 a year and no delete. SadWebsite is also painfully slow for deleting.
  2. Then you should be able to log into the web client, man, and delete the notebooks there.I shouldn't have to. If I wanted to always need the websites for things, I'd have a cheap net book instead.Delete is a basic function, like add or save. It's like a car without reverse.
  3. Here's an idea! "Add delete To menu" with a check box, in the settings!
  4. So 12.2" is not enough room to delete notebooks?! How much do you think I need, man?!?! I do EVERYTHING on my tablet... except delete notebooks, but only because you wont let me.
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