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  1. We received an email today at 11:22AM (about 20 minutes ago) that our "Evernote Business account is now deactivated." All business notes have disappeared and I have a company pretty upset. We recevied no prior communication and I cannot find a support phone number to call on the website. Support chat is also unavailable as my 'business' status has been removed. Please help soon. Brian
  2. This is something that has bugged me as well for quite some time. I just installed version 5 and this was one of the top 2-3 items I was hoping to see improved. After finding it the same, I obviously started looking here for a soluiton. We are business subscribers so we are paying per user per month with the goal of creating a business knowledgebase. After creating documents there, I am often asking my staff to copy and paste items to send to clients. We are sending simple text, but some slightly better consistency with formatting would be very helpful. A typical document with us might have a couple section headers (think 1-2 points larger and bold) and perhaps bullets here and there. Here is an example of the formattting of a document that was created solely within Evernote v5.0.2 copied into both Word 2010 and an Outlook 2010 message: Plain Body Text : Tahoma 10 becomes Tahoma 13.5 Header 1 : Tahoma 11 Bold becomes Tahoma 11.5 Bold Header 2 : Tahoma 10 Bold becomes Tahoma 13.5 Bold Brian
  3. I received a good email from the support team this morning that I want to pass along in case it helps others. First, keep in mind that not all of our sync errors are necessisarily caused by the same issue. My issue is that I renamed the Business Notebook after it was created. When looking through the "activity log" I had a "permission_denied" error. They said they are working on a solution with the next release. I am not sure if this will fix the existing issue or if it will simply resolve the issue from happening again. In any case, similar to a couple others here, I was leary about copying data out and back in again (which would break cross linking) as I feared the issue would simply happen again. Knowing it was caused by renaming the notebook will mean my work will only need to be done once which I am ok with.
  4. I am also running into the same issue. Although, check to confirm that your notes aren't syncing. My system is throwing a "Sync failed due to unexpected behavior at the client side." error, but it does seem to be syncing. I have responded to the support group and perhaps in the short term they can delete our offending items directly should the interface not be able to do so.
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