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  1. I've been using Evernote for about 10 years now and have been a Business Paid member for ~4. As I use the apps from my Windows desktop, Mac laptop, and iPhone, I was recently required to "split" the Business and Personal notes when attempting to use the iOS version. Since then I have been completely unable to "move" a note between business & personal despite being able to do that easily in the past. I am also very concerned about the mountain of complaints I'm seeing online and really worried about missing features in "Windows v.10". Evernote has been our company "knowledge base" and we regularly link to notes from other applications. Clicking a link in another application used to open the note in Evernote... This isn't working anymore and it is causing us great difficulties. Is there an ETA on a fix for this?
  2. This is something that has bugged me as well for quite some time. I just installed version 5 and this was one of the top 2-3 items I was hoping to see improved. After finding it the same, I obviously started looking here for a soluiton. We are business subscribers so we are paying per user per month with the goal of creating a business knowledgebase. After creating documents there, I am often asking my staff to copy and paste items to send to clients. We are sending simple text, but some slightly better consistency with formatting would be very helpful. A typical document with us might have a couple section headers (think 1-2 points larger and bold) and perhaps bullets here and there. Here is an example of the formattting of a document that was created solely within Evernote v5.0.2 copied into both Word 2010 and an Outlook 2010 message: Plain Body Text : Tahoma 10 becomes Tahoma 13.5 Header 1 : Tahoma 11 Bold becomes Tahoma 11.5 Bold Header 2 : Tahoma 10 Bold becomes Tahoma 13.5 Bold Brian
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