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  1. Thank you for the idea. The Modified date is the key important handle on some notes as we have items that are supposed to updated based on specific periods. Notes like "January Sales Data" and "Last Year Results" should not show up as modified in July. They should be locked so they can be trusted as long as they are posted and remain relevant. Imagine reading a blog, news story, or email where every time you clicked on the words to highlight or copy an important piece the story "updates" itself. No two people reading the piece would ever be certain they are looking at the same data. In genera
  2. We are still waiting for some response on this. The need continues and is a reason we have had to move some of our teams to other software. On Mobile devices, simply clicking on messages to copy text out of them is changing the date of notes and leading to data corruptions. Without locking, Evernote is not useful for frequently used reference information as it only works for frequently changed information. ...pat
  3. Just a followup to the Powers That Be: please do consider this idea: Note-Locking. As we enter the new year, I help run a number of business oriented Evernote subscriptions and the inability to lock notes (make them read only) once they have been put out there for the team or for a person's own account is truly an issue. The functionality is not far off form the idea of setting the share-accessibility of a note to read-only. The difference being is that you can set it yourself that way and reset the not to read/write if necessary for updates. Over the past year we can not count the numbe
  4. I hope that the good folks at Evernote are keeping an eye on this issue. We might not be generating some of the traffic of other bugs, but this request is substantial and greatly affects the capabilities of Evernote as a tool. Lock notes would allow for a significant number of features, uses, and techniques not currently available.
  5. +1 for the locking feature. Being that it is the beginning of the year, let me expand this idea and make the following suggestion/case for its use: A the beginning of a year (or other period) it is common to want to "lock" the notes from the previous year (period) and start with either a fresh set or continue from the existing but in a new note/notebook. This allows us to track progress and evolution rather than the current format of Evernote which only allows to relate the current state. Now I have gone through several forum posts on this topic as well as the obviously related "Duplicate
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