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  1. Thanks for your help, Factman. Much appreciated.
  2. REQUEST: Ability to copy and paste an image

    This board doesnt seem as active as i thought it was. This query not so urgent now as I have decided to make a start with Onenote instead so ordered MS Office 2010 to get it - playing safe and sticking to nurse for now, and a giant firm, as an awful lot of work will go into building up my notes etc Will probably use Evernote as well, see how it goes.
  3. Shame no replies. Well, I've just ordered MS Office 2010, so that I can use Onenote for most of my organising now. Evernote looks great, but still unsure about some things so going to get started initially by piling things into Onenote on a cloud. Would still use Evernote most likely as well. cheers
  4. bumping this query up. thx
  5. This is a shame. I'm just researching the idea of using Evernote (or alternatives) in a big way, and I'm a heavy Thunderbird user. Is there a different email handler or service I could consider that works elegantly with Evernote? What do you all use? I Also now wonder if i do get everything set up with Evernote, what feature will be next on the list of cuts. Thanks.
  6. REQUEST: Ability to copy and paste an image

    I was looking to see if I could copy-and-paste into notes without taking up any local hard disk space - say on a second laptop PC Is it still not possible to do this using Evernote web site rather than the Desktop client? Approximately how much disk space will I need on a windows PC to do this - eg once I have a large set of notes (eg 50,000 Snagit screenshots)? (btw, I have a similar query in another thread here ) Once I have an idea about all this, I'll finally decide whether to use Evernote, as I like it very much, and will be upgrading to premium as I expect to be a stalwart heavy user.
  7. I want to start making full use of Evernote, but I first need to know the system requirements. I want to use a Desktop PC and a Laptop PC for it, both running MS Windows. I will likely upgrade to premium, and start building up my notes on an ongoing basis every day, storing mainly screenshots taken with Snagit, as well as some clips from web sites as I come across stuff. To get an idea, approximately what is the minimum hard disk space I will need on each PC once I have stored, let say, 50,000 notes with Snagit screenshots? And, roughly how much more would i need if I stored Word documents in notes? What about RAM? How much disk does your Windows based Evernote use? Thanks folks! Like This Quote MultiQuote =180944&st=&auth_key=ab1e5a2ad44ba31aacb9ba85e5eb296c"]Delete Edit