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  1. Smart thinking! Never thought of trying that. Just shows how you can get blinkered when you assume you "know" where the problem lies. Faith restored in Evernote! Thanks to you and CalS for your help.
  2. Uninstalled and reinstalled - same result. Did the search from my MacBook - same result. I noticed that all search history/suggestions are preserved across platforms. Logged on to the web interface - same result. Is there any way to clear out any hidden caches etc.?
  3. This is weird. I clipped the page again (so now I've got two notes, should be identical). When I search All Notes for dehumidifier, BOTH notes are in the search results. But no highlighting to indicate where EN thinks that text is located. Again a search and replace doesn't find the text. Obviously "false positives" are OK, if time wasting. However, "false negatives" would be a problem. Maybe I've got a setting somewhere that's causing this, but I can't think what it would be. I may uninstall/reinstall EN to see what happens.
  4. Not that I can see. The note is a saved web page: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/regulation/consumer-contracts-regulations#returning-faulty-goods. You should be able to save it then search "Dehumidifier" in all notes.
  5. I searched All Notes for the word "dehumidifier". One note was returned, but that word is nowhere in the note. The note is supposed to scroll to the search result and highlight it. If I search within the note, Evernote thinks there is one occurrence but again doesn't show me where. If I enter a new word in the replace box, the action buttons are not active suggesting that Evernote can't actually find the search term, even though it thinks there is one occurrence in the note. (The note is one that I wouldn't expect to find "dehumidifier" in). This is on the Mac (latest version Evernote), and th
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