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  1. Great tip, thanks juju. That worked for me too, just entered without the http:// and then it started the downloasd automatically. Came up with an error message in the browser window but that doesn't matter. Yes the beta version works here too, so very pleased and I think now evernote does what I need it to do. Awaiting official release too but that shouldn't be too long I think.
  2. That is good news. Support informed me that this is in the process of being internally reported and resolved when time/priorities allow it. A time estimate woulkd be appreciated but those are dangerous to give I suppose. So I have to be patient and hope this will indeed resolve it as I came across a bug in Springpad: That one doesn't do pictures with the Nexus 7 ! But I want/need both! Sigh, rock and hard place springs to mind.
  3. Update: Replied to support that neither of their 2 suggestions did work and got a reply back: Exactly the same mail as the first one, with exactly the same 2 suggestions I did tell that didn't work! Oh come on, is nobody at evernote even interested in Nexus 7 users? They sold millions (over 6 million last time I've heard about sales numbers). And does "support" at evernote even read the requests or is it just an automatic system that sends standard mails according to some keywords it finds? GOOD NEWS: There is a nice alternative: It's called Springpad and seems to do the job: including audio recording! Maybe Evernote can have a look and learn how to do it?
  4. Finally got reply from "support" with the advice to log out, restart the nexus and then login again. Needless to say that this typical it-helpdesk cliché answer did not solve the problem. They also provided a link to a preview version but that link does not work!!! Glad I have not paid for this. And the way it's going I won't and neither will the institution I am evaluating this for. Looking at alternatives that actually do work.
  5. Same problem here. Audio note or attachments do not work on new Nexus 7. I am trying to evaluate this and other note taking software packages for students and possible integration into our teaching. Put in a ticket with evernote and just get the snotty automatic message that I'm not a paying customer and hence not important enough to be helped (well maybe once, much later, if they feel lik it!). Sorry, if you want people to pay, first your software must be fully functional and second you should not ignore your prospective future clients. Going to look at other packages that actually do work.
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