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  1. After multiple communications with Google to no avail, one email to Evernote indicated the iPad Gmail app doesn't support any addons yet. Sad for Google's crappy support but at least I know.
  2. Odd problem that I can't get resolved. I use the GMAIL app on my iPhone and 12.9 new iPad pro. I enabled evernote as an add on. I can see the evernote icon on the bottom of the iPhone gmail app emails, but no icons appear on the iPad emails in the gmail app. Any ideas?
  3. I can scan business cards into EN IOS fine. However, they are not being added to my iphone contacts. In privacy, contacts, EN is on. Scans are going to my inbox. ANy ideas?.... Never mind, I had to go to settings to turn it on. You'd think the chat support would have asked me.
  4. I was using a canon scanner on my windows PC to scan to evernote. I moved to IMAC and am out of USB ports. I am looking at using a hub but noticed the new scansnap iX500 can scan to its ios app and you can move the pdf to Evernote. Is anyone doing this, pro's and con's?
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