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  1. HALLELUJAH! Its working again! I too was experiencing problems after upgrading from v5 to v6 a few weeks ago. My situation: EN 6.0.3 (App Store) on Macbook Pro, Mavericks, external monitor (extended desktop, not mirroring). No local notes. No sharing. Several notebooks, lots of notes, mostly text, a few attachments. Use it daily, mostly on my Macbook Pro. My notes were all showing up -- but several minutes after opening the app. Titles were all there. Notes were not editable once they finally showed up. Clicking anywhere in a note produced a warning beep. Not able to even copy & paste. Synchronization was not always working. Fortunately, I could log in to the web version and also have EN working fine on my iphone & ipad. After problem appeared, while looking for a solution, I found Revert.io and signed up for a free account to back up my EN on a daily basis. I recommend this service, its free, and gives me access to both current and backed up versions of my notes! THE FIX: I was about to try the suggested uninstall of App version and install of download beta version, when I decided to check App Store once more for updates. Low and behold, there was a 6.0.5 update for EN! I clicked on it, it installed, and Evernote reopened. It synchronized, and then my notes all immediately popped up. I can now edit, copy, paste, move notes, retitle, etc. Thank you for solving this problem! I think that being patient for a few weeks while waiting for an update with a fix turned out to be well worth it, rather than tinkering myself and risking losing notes or doubling up the database. I appreciate all who contributed to this forum as well as the hard working Evernote employees. I know they worked very hard to figure this out. I am grateful, as I use a FREE account but rely heavily on this application daily.
  2. I had same thing happen to me. Last week I applied the latest EN update from the App store on my Mac 10.6.8. (Also using latest version on my iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.) When EN re-opened, my first - and most critical - note was EMPTY. Not in trash, not in sync problems folder, not on website. Content just gone. Opened EN on my iPhone, pulled up the note, saw all my content for a split second and then it vanished as EN synchronized. Right away I emailed tech support. I did manage to recover a week-old version of the note using Time Machine as described above, but it was cumbersome and not ideal. Eventually, Evernote gave me a week-long free upgrade to Premium so I could use the Notes History function, and this is ultimately how I restored the note. I think Evernote is worth $5/mo so I will probably upgrade to premium just to support them and to have the security of notes history. HOWEVER, I am very scared of this happening again and I will start archiving copies of my notes. I watched it happen to a client of mine several months ago, he only had evernote on his iPad and he was unable to recover some very important, costly data, mainly photos he had taken with his iPad that all disappeared along with his notes. And he was already a premium user! Unfortunately he does not use a Mac and only had the info on his ipad & iPhone and needed it for presentations to his clients. It was a huge blow for him. Evernote really needs to resolve this. Its one thing to offer premium features but that does not make it okay to put out an unreliable product!
  3. UPDATE This is really freaking me out. It seems that any time I type something new in a note, and then sync, it REPLACES THE PREVIOUS CONTENT. I closed Evernote on both Mac & iPhone. Opened on iPhone, typed something in the empty note that used to contain a lot of important info. It showed up on mac evernote. Then I added new text to this same note, on the Mac, and synced. Both texts showed up in Mac. But iPhone was Empty! Closed, reopened, synced, iphone note still empty. Then I typed something new in the iPhone note. Synced. It showed up on the Mac but replaced the previous text I had typed. I am afraid to experiment any more, because if there is a history I don't know how far back it goes and I dont want to risk pushing off the archived history that might contain my important note info. Anyone else have similar experience? I was hoping that, as seemed to work for someone else, adding new content and synching would result in recovering the old note info in Conflicting Changes. But no luck, nothing shows up in Conflicting Changes. This is such a bummer!
  4. THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME TOO. I just lost all the information on a very important note. Using both the Mac app and the iPhone app. Yesterday I noticed there was an update for my mac's software update, so I applied it and upgraded from 5.0.4 to 5.0.5 (running 10.6.8). I dont know what version my iPhone is running, probably most recent but it definitely was not updated in the last week. Today I opened Evernote on my Mac, and noticed that my top note was empty of all content. Nothing in my sync conflicts folder or in trash. I have Evernote set to sync when I close it and I rarely use both Mac & iOS apps at same time. I am pretty sure that both Mac & iOS were synced and both were closed before applying the update. This is just too scary to trust. I really need that info and I am worried about my other notes now. If it is this unstable, then either ALL evernote accounts should have note history available, or they should do away with the free version if only the premium accounts get note history.
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