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  1. Hi Thomas, thanks for your feedback. Here's the current status for my E-Book. Busy times at UNI.
  2. Thanks a lot Andy! You can stay up to date on my website http://fflav.com/ for the moment.
  3. I've built a very short questionnaire to get some more feedback. Fill out the form and get a free PDF version once the product is ready! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEhJN1B1b0IzUVdpT1FkZnkzdFpSY2c6MQ#gid=0 Thank you.
  4. For those who are interested, I've written a short how-to-use Evernote for research (brainstorming/citation) blog entry the other night. It integrates two other applications.
  5. Hi lerka, thanks so much for this fantastic write up. I think the daily journal seems like a very good idea to provide a lot structure and routine. In case I'll have some more questions, I'll shoot you a message.
  6. Hi Jay, thanks for the post. I have however already seen your website while doing basic research for this upcoming book. I'll stay in touch. Flavio
  7. Hi Angela, Thanks for your comment. Maybe you can tell us a little bit about your experience with Evernote and the iPad for grad school. Talk about workflow, how you managed to take notes on your iPad only (e.g. did you use a wireless keyboard?), how did you cram for exams? What about pdf annotations etc.? Did you face any particular problems? Flavio
  8. I was was wondering how many college students have gone paperless with the help of Evernote. Is it possible? What is your experience? Thanks for your replies in advance! Looking forward to reading from you. If you like this topic, you might also want to have a look here:
  9. Thanks for your comments so far! Feel free to share this topic with other students and friends - the more feedback I get, the better the ebook at the end. @Amie there are ways to integrate Zotero, Mendeley or Endnote. Myself, I am a big fan of Papers2 - http://www.mekentosj.com/ for my own worfklow it's truly terrific! Works for Mac&Windows and mobile devices. During the next days I will come up with some more workflows for Zotero/Mendeley/Endnote but would love to gather different approaches from many users in order to offer a variety of effective workflows. A big thank you for willing to collaborate! I'll contact you shortly. Flavio
  10. Dear Evernote enthusiasts, I am a student in Neuroscience and Psychology and have been using Evernote since 2009. I love Evernote and its potential once you've developed a workflow and personal system. Sadly, many haven't achieved this... My New Year's Resolution (for January) is vague but exciting - write a 80 to 100 page ebook for college students on how to use Evernote for their studies and research. The final result should be available on February 1st, leaving me 27 days to write and publish it. I have figured that students are not using Evernote to its full potential and what they need is a clear and simple guide. I wish I had such a guide when I started at my University. That's why I am creating this. Helping students get more out of their tools and focus on things that matter. The ebook should consist of three parts. Part 1: short introduction and basics of Evernote Part 2: specific advice for college use Part 3: use cases/examples from the community Part 3 (and 2) is where you come into play! I'd love to hear from you how you regularly use Evernote in college. If you are a teacher/professor, tell me about the advice you give to students how to use this nifty little piece of software. Also, if you wish that I cover a specific topic (e.g. citation) I can try to implement your thoughts and ideas (don't worry, I am going to talk about citation). Problems you are facing or things you are struggling with can equally be mentioned here. From having too many notebooks and tags to not knowing how to integrate citation with Evernote properly for example. Let's open the discussion and forum brainstorming! I am very curious. And thanks for your contribution. Only with your help the ebook will be successful. Btw, you can send me a PM anytime too. Flavio
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