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  1. Chris, Thank you. Web has less notes than expected Searched every note but notes are not there. GrumpyMonkey Thank you. I will back up but new notes are not being registered. It is as if they do not even exist. I create notes, I can see them, but they are not searchable, they have no preview, and when evernote restarts, they disappear. Nothing exist past 12.9.12 date.
  2. Evernote: Version 5.0.3 (400675) Mac: OS X Version 10.6.8 - The evernote on my computer is not keeping any new notes past 12.9.12 - New notes can be started and updated but there is no preview of them (see attachment) - When evernote app is restarted, all notes past the 12.9.12 date disappear. - These notes are not showing up on my online account on www.evernote.com - Some of my Online account on www.evernote.com do go past that 12.9.12 date but none of them are ones that were started on my computer. I thought is was a syncing issue but it may be a bug in my account. Ticket # for this is: #16051-210723 Please help
  3. Please see attached screen shots. My heart is about to drop as I have been using evernote heavily for client meetings, web clipping, ideas... note stuff. Additional Observations: - there are no new local notes on my computer past 12.9.12 Please help. - Since most recent Evernote update, I noticed that my note previews were partial, then not at all and now worst: Upon restarting my evernote, all local notes have disappeared. - They do not exist on my online account. AND - Online account is also missing a chunk of note entries. Please Help. I am hoping to recover some key notes from over the past 2 weeks. Thank you. Ry
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