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  1. Problem solved I was able to copy and paste into Microsoft Word and print - but I could not output to PDF format. Does Evernote have the capability/ KCav
  2. Used Evernote web snipper to capture an article but when I printed it the type was small and hard to read. How can I increase the type size 125% when printing an article from Evernote?
  3. I haven't used Evernote extensively - I love the Evernote Web Clipper - but since there are many features getting started takes persistent effort. In the midst of all this a pop-up appears saying Evernote 5.8.3 Public is ready to be installed. Would someone tell me what this is all about.
  4. Hi csihilling, It worked, Thank you for your help. KCav
  5. Hi csihilling, It seems like I have a love/hate relationship everyy time I start using a new tool. I love it when it works. I apprciate your help etting me started using Evernote.. I noticed how nicely you annodated your reply, After following your direction how well my attachment appeared - Event Viewer is really nice. I am still stuck on my original question. I am unable to Stack Notebooks. On the Sidebar, I clicked on Notebooks and then on Notebook Stack, Under Notebook Stack the names of four notebooks appear. i would like to stack three of them inside the other. When I "right" click on a notebook the options show above appear. The option to "Add to stack" is not there. Why isn't it there? KCav
  6. Hi csihilling, Thank you for replying to my post. I followed you instruction and it worked. It took two trys, on the first try the file size was to large, In the future I'll watch out for that. Thank you for your answer. KCav
  7. Hello Chris, Thank you for replying to my post. When I right clicked on a Notebook an options menu appeared but "Add to Stack" wa not on the list. I wonder if there is a way of configuring what items appear there. Ken PS - I made a print screen of the options and pasted it in the MS Print application, then I snipped it and saved it as a jpg. When I tried to past the jpg file into this reply it would accept it. Being one who has learned to put up with rejection I saved it to Word doc format and tried to paste the Word doc into this repley. That too failed, so I used Snip-it and saved it into memory, then tried to paste it from there into this reply and that didn't work. So I tried More Reply Options and could not find a way to either paste it in or attach it. Isn.t there a way to either paste or attach information to a reply on this Forum?
  8. I clicked on Notebook Stack in the Sidebar and created a new notebook; then I draged three notebooks to Notebook Stack and drop each notebook on to the new notebook. I expected a Notebook Stack containing three notebooks but that did not happen. The four notebooks are shown in the Notebook Stack section on the Sidebar. Can someone tell me what prevented a Notebook Stack from being formed?
  9. Hi - Simplified Article is working! I noticed the Elephant icon was not on the Command bar in IE, so I opened the tool used to customize the Command bar and added Elephan icon. I also decided to check the extensions setup in Internet Explorer. To my suprise Google Seach was not the default Search Engine. I made Google Search the only Search Engine and I deleted some other extension. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what one, but after I made those changes the Simplified Article option worked when used it in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  10. I read How to use Evernote Web Clipper and it said "The simplified article option clears away everything but the content so you can read it now without distractions or save it to Evernote for later browsing." Not on my computer - I clicked on the Elephant and selected Simplified Article. It cleared away everything but the content but when I Save to Evernote all I got was 29 words, 176 charachters, size 540B. I thought the artice would be saved withot the advertisements and other information on the website. All I got was a reference to the article. What did I do wrong?
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