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  1. Hi - Simplified Article is working! I noticed the Elephant icon was not on the Command bar in IE, so I opened the tool used to customize the Command bar and added Elephan icon. I also decided to check the extensions setup in Internet Explorer. To my suprise Google Seach was not the default Search Engine. I made Google Search the only Search Engine and I deleted some other extension. I'm sorry I don't remember exactly what one, but after I made those changes the Simplified Article option worked when used it in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.
  2. I read How to use Evernote Web Clipper and it said "The simplified article option clears away everything but the content so you can read it now without distractions or save it to Evernote for later browsing." Not on my computer - I clicked on the Elephant and selected Simplified Article. It cleared away everything but the content but when I Save to Evernote all I got was 29 words, 176 charachters, size 540B. I thought the artice would be saved withot the advertisements and other information on the website. All I got was a reference to the article. What did I do wrong?
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