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  1. @jefito @C6REW I can't imagine any Damascene conversions to tags from folders on day 1, but you do need to experience EN's positives to trust it enough to abandon a comfortable idea. Getting a critical volume of existing data in there must be a significant factor. I have a similar attitude to tools - nothing is ever perfect and if I wait for it to become perfect, I'll end up standing still. WRT your 90% remark, I am more often trying to persuade a customer not to part with their money on small impact / large effort features on the basis that [a] I selfishly won't find then interesting to work on, even if they are profitable and if they have money to spare for that, how about spending it on X instead, where X will have a large impact. Which I suppose brings me to whether or not, given the depth of change you speculate is required, nested notebooks would give you anything that a bit of familiarity with tagging wouldn't? I think probably so. If you can nest notebooks, you then have a more flexible and discrete method of offline notebook access / notebook sharing. If EN allowed you to offline / share on the basis of a tag, that advantage would evaporate I suppose.
  2. Then we disagree that option (3) lobbying for the inclusion of a feature and / or asking for support for a feature from other people isn't a "practical" choice. As a new reader of the forums this thread certainly comes across as a strong defence of tags, to the extent that lobbying for a more traditional method of classification is being discouraged. You won't find the word "discouraged" or "wrong" or any explicit synonyms, but it's a matter of tone. For the record, I am a long time advocate of tagging in other systems (GMail, RTM, various MP3 organisers, various CMS etc,) and carry that across to EN - and thanks for your pointer on nested tags. But the traditional nested folder abstraction has it's place, even if it's just a method to allow cautious users to gently transition into something more flexible.
  3. Using Evernote as it is, or finding another piece of software is needlessly restrictive list of the choices available. Lobbying Evernote to support a feature you want is a perfectly legitimate choice. Nested Notebooks is an example of just such a feature, and lobbying for it's inclusion is perfectly reasonable.
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