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  1. Hi, all my notes are empty... On the Mac they still seem to be there. Exported everything for just in case.
  2. Hmm, hopefully the Evernot developers find a way to let users choose to cut the communication to Apple's calendar (on a per note-basis).
  3. Sorry, it's the iPad-client. Evernot makes the word 'tonight' blue. (I'm writing a song text...) Other text-editors do not make the word 'tonight' blue. So, this is not an iOS-case only, in my humble opinion; it seems to have something to do with Evernote. The full stop-issue is solved, thanks to your suggestion to search a solution in the iOS! Prefences/General/Keyboard allowed me to switch it off.
  4. Hi, since yesterday, Evernote is doing 'smart'; it places full stops when two spaces are typed, and makes phrases of text blue and underlined. I don't want that! Please tell me how to switch off these 'features'. Thanks, Jay
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