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  1. Actually that's probably not entirely accurate. It looks like the search is returning all notes. But the refresh indicator keeps flashing. So I imagine what's really happening is the search is now either broken or unable to complete because it's being blocked by the refresh issue, so I see all notes as an interim to seeing search results. Other saved searches, however, work fine at this point.
  2. Hi, thanks for responding. No that's not how it goes. Staying with your example, "you tag a note @home which says 'get some milk'. You decide to add 'and potatoes' and save the change", what happens next is the saved search returns all notes. All meaning every note I have, not just ones that match the search. I only see this happen when I open the note from the saved search result set. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app today, no change.
  3. I use tags on my to-do notes for context - such as @home, @office, @errand - and use saved searches to bring them up on my phone by context. It's especially helpful on errands. I find that when I modify a note that came up in the saved search, then the search no longer works. The app shows all notes, even though the title bar at the top of the screen shows that it is on the saved search. What's more, the little refresh progress indicator just below the title bar keeps flashing as though it is performing the search over and over. Other saved searches still work. This condition persists after force-closing the app, clearing its cache, and even rebooting the phone. The only thing that seems to help is to get back to my computer, make some change there that would affect the search results, and wait for everything to sync. I had this issue in an earlier version of Evernote but thought it went away. I noticed today that it's doing it again. I'm on version 6.0.2 running on a Nexus 5. Any ideas?
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