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  1. No, there is no archiving that's why we're all still here! Dissatisfied with the absence of archiving and with having negative searching for tags repeatedly offered as a solution.
  2. Missing in Evernote is the "by default". The default is all material appears in the search. You have to specifically exclude archived material When I used the word "archiving" I meant archiving, not Evernote archiving. When you archive something in the real world it is no longer a part of the main repository, and while it is still available when needed,, you do not have to specifically exclude it. That's what should happen in Evernote. Glad the exclusion tag method works for you. Shouldn't have to remember to add that each time tho. C
  3. Tagging broadly helps you find stuff, not lose stuff. The point of archiving is that the archived material by default does not appear in the search. You want it excluded unless you specifically include it. My workaround (and I'm sure others have probably mentioned it) is to move archived notes into an archived notebook. It's not great, but it works for now. To LiMaurader, you can set a default notebook in Web Clipper, or tell it to choose the last book you used, that should help you avoid clipping to notebooks you consider archived? C
  4. Oh. Em. Gee. First response "No it doesn't." Second response "well, let's just check, but I'm sure it doesn't" and then....omg. Not as obvious as in the mobile version (self-evidently! but it is nice to have them on a separate line with a wee tag icon) and ironically on a selected note they're even harder to see, but you're absolutely right of course, they are right there. Thanks for setting me straight C
  5. Am late to this particular party but I too would like to see the tags against each of the notes in snippet view, regardless of whether I have the note selected. This happens on my tablet and phone versions (both Android) but not in the Windows client. The Android version has a three-vertical-dots button at the top right, at which I can choose View Options, which has within it Show Tags. Can't find anything like this on the Windows version. My Windows client is v Public (CE Build ce-1.28.2184) Any guidance appreciated, thanks C
  6. Thanks guys for your replies. Patricksan, sorry, I meant to but forgot. Have now. csihilling and fredhammersmith, thanks for your ideas, I'll do some experiments. Cheers.
  7. Just to wake this up a bit, I have an Archive stack with notebooks within it which are not in general use but I need access to them from time to time. This works well for me. But I also have other stacks for other purposes, and now I want to archive a stack. In other words, I want to archive the notebooks within the stack (move them into Archive, right?) but I want to keep their relationship with one another, so keep them in their stack. But you can't stack within stacks. Fredhammersmith, at 25k+ notes, I am not in your league, but I feel your pain.
  8. I don't dispute that sometimes the lack of understanding is from the user side. I am not saying that a help request means the product isn't perfect. It may be the documentation isn't clear enough, the product may be fine. However even if both are as good as they can be, nevertheless I sincerely hope that the provider aggregates the help requests to identify if there's a gap they want to fill. It's all feedback. That doesn't mean the product and associated services (guides etc) are weak, but it is feedback on how the customer uses the product - the very best feedback there is.
  9. Possibly, however the company should view it as such, requests for help are clear indicators of the company missing a need. But I certainly agree that feature suggestions should be collected separately from other forms of feedback, without a doubt.
  10. I guess so jefito After years in IT support and product development/management, anything a customer says constitutes feedback for me, for example if they need to ask for help, it means we haven't given them sufficient pointers in the first place. Suggesting new features is only one form of feedback.
  11. Thanks. I had dipped in there to see "My posts" or something - I found it under Profile as you said (there isn't a See My Activity, but no matter).
  12. I get periodic messages to show someone has posted in here, and I remember posting something myself a long time ago, but can't see my post. I just get what looks like the original post of Feb 7 2016 from KLAHRO and 7 replies, not including mine. Also I don't understand the post about being moved to the feedback forum (sounds good!) - do we now have two conversations? Is that where my post is? There's no link to the moved post, do I now have to trawl through to find it? I am of course perfectly capable of doing this, but it doesn't seem very efficient. Perhaps we are now in the feedback forum and the old thread is languishing somewhere else, along with my post. I thought the whole board constitutes feedback. What is it otherwise? This is not just feedback about the Windows Desktop product, btw. The functionality we've suggested would cross all platforms otherwise there'd be no point.
  13. Yes, count me in too. I have a Livescribe WiFi which syncs with Evernote, and I use Evernote directly. Some of the Livescribe pages have content relevant to more than one tag, as do some direct Evernote notes. For major projects I will be collecting web clippings and other attachments so I'll set up an Evernote notebook to collect these and and Evernote notes. There'll be an index page in there for tasks and odds & ends, and on that page I would like a link to the relevant tag(s). I would then want to click to get what I would get if I scrolled waaaayyyy down on the navigation panel and found the tag myself. If I remembered it was relevant to this notebook. It's the three- or even four-dimensional power of Evernote that makes it so sexy. Not being able to link to a tag on a note is an oversight.
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