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  1. Thank you Bob I am really interested in how did you organized folder structure for your active documents, as I tried a few different structured and each time failed - it seemed to work originally, but later I realised that the structure was either hard to use (had to keep working with a documents from a different folder), or too flat (all documents in the same folder) to have any structure. Also how do you know when to make document inactive and thus move it to EN for a storage?
  2. When you put a file into an EN note, a copy of the file is added to the note. Unless you delete the original file from your hard drive, you now have two copies of the file. The one on your hard drive & the one in the EN note. If you change the one on your hard drive, EN does not sync those changes to the copy in the EN note. If you want the modified file in EN, you will need to "re-add" it to EN either in the original note or a new note.OTOH, if you double click the file attachment in an EN note & change that file, the modified file will be sync'd to the EN servers. But the copy on your hard drive will remain unchanged, of course. Thanks - double clicking on the file attachment seems to work! Great. But even after I opened the file (via double click), modified it and saved it - the EN has not updated the attachment attributes (still says it was created two days ago and the file size it is the same as at the time the file was added) ... puzzling ...
  3. Thank you. But what do you mean the Evernote does not sync files. If i open the file with double click and save it will the changes be stored in evernote? So far it seems like evernote will not automatically pickup the changes. It does not even update the size of "embedded file" (what we can see in the note). That is really frustrating as i have lost a half an hour worth of changes on quite a big document ;-(
  4. Hi, So far I have a been storing a project-related documents (Word,Excel, etc) in a per project sub-folders of MyDocuments folder. As I have been using Evernote to organize my notes for some time, I now want to extend its use beyond the text notes and start storing files in it. But with the files I am facing a dilemma - should I need to store a duplicate of the file in the file system (file tree), or simply I simply copy the file to the Evernote and let it live only there. Also, as I first would need to save the file to some folder anyway (and the obvious choice would be a project folder) and only after that I can copy (drag and drop via mouse) the file to Evernote. Then - should I delete the file from the file system to avoid the duplication and ambiguousness? Is there a better way, to avoid saving the files into the intermediary location and save the the file straight to Evernote? Also, I noticed - that after the file is drag'n'droped to the note, it appears as icon + name + size + timestamp. Funny thing is that the timestamp has not been updated since the addition of the file, even though the file has been opened / changed / saved many times. Thank you.
  5. What do you think would be the best way to use outlining to make a note's texts content to look similar to a tree. Thank you.
  6. Hey, It is often useful e.g. when doing a web research, to structure a text in a note as a tree. How can I do it in a Evernote? Thank you
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