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  1. There are better table editing capabilities by switching to Evernote Web (still on iPad) and editing the table there. It works differently, but has more options (including shading for rows or cells).
  2. I did it. I logged out of Evernote, then deleted the application from my iPad. Then redownloaded it, logged in, and the dead chat group did not come back.
  3. I erroneously started a chat with two intended recipients. The attempt failed, the two recipients were in error, and now I just want to get rid of it. If I slide the entry to the left, I get a big green "Delete" button. Hitting it gives a window to verify. Hitting "Delete" again basically does nothing at all. The chat group still sits there. I don't see it on any other platform (web, mac). How can I get rid of this listing on my iPad?
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