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  1. Any timeline on the pages/numbers ZIP issue? A document saved in the new pages format is converted to a zip file when dropped into an note.
  2. In another thread I have commented on the issue of Pages files being saved as ZIP files. I just tried to drop a pages file in the web version - it failed. If this is a Maverick issue why does the web-version fail? Or is this a clue to what is going on here. I am not trying to diagnose the problem - just would love to see it fixed.
  3. This bug is costing me at least an hour a day in lost productivity. I'm having to convert everything to MS Word then back again. I work with about 60 documents a day - every one of them is a hassle now. Please!!!!
  4. My guess is that we need to bug them here and via their support desk. We also need to keep talking about this to keep the note on the top of the forum. Mac / Pages / Numbers Users - chime in here on this bug and contact support. S
  5. I just had a chat with with one of the service reps. She had no info on this - so word has not spread into Evernote on this yet. I guess we need to bug them about this bug. If you are a premium member use the chat feature to register your need. S
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