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  1. I am no longer storing dynamic MS documents on Evernote. Another work-around that erodes the value of EN.
  2. The following has now happened three times in 24 hours to me. I have an MS Word document stored in a note. I open it from the note. Make revisions to the document. Resave and close the document. Hours later I go back to the note and open the document again. The revisions are not there. My guess is that EN is not updating to the new document or syncing a prior EN note to the current note causing a loss of the update. I have several other documents not stored in EN that I have been using and have no issue with holding onto revisions. Seems to be another instance of the upgr
  3. I'm on the Mac version. I can export a notebook. Double click "Notebooks", right click on the notebook you want, select export. I have 5000 notes so it takes a while...
  4. I can not figure out how to look at a list of overdue reminders. I have had issues with drag and drop and the response is slow. I hate to be one of those people who cuss out new versions but... I'm going to spend some time this weekend looking at OneNote.
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