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  1. It has been a little while since I used Evernote and Evernote Food, but I did use them a lot and needed them once again. Unfortunately, they have become nearly unsuable. Syncing problems are one thing, but I cannot edit at ALL in iOs. What are they doing to this platform? I am an Evernote Premium customer and I am ready to cancel.
  2. Seems silly that you can only access the images from the device in the iOs app, and not the Skitch notebooks. Why do I have to go into the Evernote app to do so? I do find in the Evernote app, all the annotation tools etc, so why the two apps? At this point, just make it seamless because Skitch really lost a lot of it's inherent usefulness for me. I want to be able to seamlessly go back to other annotated images from skitch. It seems you cannot do this. I miss the old skitch.
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