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  1. Well sadly, only a week after I last posted saying thanks, great, it's fixed. It's broken again! No images from web clipper - Firefox OR Safari. Desktop Evernote again very slow to load, and syncing not automatic. I'm on Mac OS 10.6.8. I'm starting to get really fed up with this now. The whole process, which once seemed so slick, convenient and fast is now laborious and over complicated - AND it doesn't do what it says on the tin. Are Evernote developers concentrating too much on fancy bells & whistles and losing sight of basic functionality? And are they being overtaken by things like Pin
  2. jbignert - thanks for this. I had a bit of a brain freeze trying to work out how to get the beta into add-ons, but finally got it DOH. I've tried it with the BBC news site (formatting a little odd with the occasional image missing), the Guardian newspaper site, my own website and some random sites. Apart from the BBC site, all perform well. Images are intact and speed is much improved. Well done for your work on this. Cross fingers this is a definitive fix. Thanks.
  3. Since I began posting on this topic, the Web Clipper has gone from bad to worse. And now not just on the latest version of Firefox. In Safari (for Mac) images are only loading sometimes and again, format is jumbled. Then there's the amount of time it takes to clip to either Web or desktop client - far too long. Then I have to tell it to sync (this used to be automatic) to the desktop client. By the way, I really *don't* want to use the Web version, I want to use the desktop client as I always have! Then the sync takes a long time too. The time issues have only occurred since the latest Evernot
  4. Thanks for the response, jbignert. Clipping to the web page does indeed include images, but it's very sluggish and some of the formatting is jumbled. And I really prefer the desktop client. Do you have any idea how long it will take to resolve these issues on Firefox 17? Because I admit I'm looking at Pinterest for web clipping. I've been an Evernote customer for quite a while now and I'd rather not have to 'stray' so I hope you can fix this soon.
  5. Lack of response from Evernote is disappointing, I agree. And I too am reconsidering my Premium account if this doesn't get fixed. The Web Clipper is a significant part of the Evernote 'experience' and if that doesn't work, how valuable is the product??
  6. Web Clipper used to be great and I used it all the time in Firefox on Mac. However, recently, with updates on Firefox and Evernote, it's useless. Only text is clipped, no images. Web Clipper for Safari works fine but I'd prefer not to have to use two browsers at once just to clip a page. Another problem is that when I used to clip a web page, it appeared automatically on my desktop Evernote - now I have to ask desktop Evernote to sync before it appears (and it's syncing slower than before too). I love Evernote and am a long time user, but these glitches are making it less than satisfactory. Wh
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