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  1. Thank you, wrtrick. I started out with the PC version and it has an adequate editor. As does the one provided for writing this post. I don't need much to write myself notes. I have created note files with different tools ever since I bought my first PC in the mid 80s. As I move from tool to tool, I can usually import the old notes and keep going. I am using Evernote as my current tool. The "shocks" came when I started using the iPad Evernote app. When I had problems, Evernote Support was passable and the sync issues I had between the iPad and PC seem to have finally gone away. But the font size issue has a long history and that does not bode well for the long term success of the iPad product. We have two PCs and two iPads in this business, so Evernote iPad functionality should be the same on all platforms. Trying to paste content from emails or LinkedIN into an Evernote drives me nuts because of font issues. Using the Remove Formatting button with selected text is useless - it applied it to the whole note; all the bullets and indents and so on turned into a mess. When it comes to the iPad, Evernote is not saving my time. And that is enough for me to start playing with add-ons for work arounds and historically, that is my prelude to changing products.
  2. Evernote Management -- please take note. If you do not listen to your customers you will lose them. Your persistence and instance in not providing font management and so on simply forces every iPad Evernote users to say: "I will change apps when someone else provides a better service". I made that decision today. Your long term future is in your hands. Listen to your customers or lose them.
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