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  1. Seems to have been an issue with the Evernote servers, managed to sign in finally this morning.
  2. For a few days now I've not been able to sign into my Evernote account in Skitch to save any notes. Signing in with the main Evernote app is fine (using two factor auth too). When trying to sign in with Skitch the app hangs for ~30 secs (spinning beachball and says not responding in the Activity Monitor) and then it gives up saying there is no internet connection - or Evernote is currently unavailable. I'm running OS X 10.10 Yosemite and have been having this problem with Skitch v2.7.5 from the App Store as well as v2.7.6 installed manually from the Evernote site. The only Skitch related messages in the Console during the login attempt were: 09/11/2014 22:38:57.280 configd[26]: [0x7f9d3aa233b0] [m]DNS query timeout (query time = 35.069500), [46TE]09/11/2014 22:38:57.284 WindowServer[122]: common_reenable_update: UI updates were finally reenabled by application "Skitch" after 35.10 seconds (server forcibly re-enabled them after 1.00 seconds) Any suggestions would be welcome - I've had to result to the clunky old OS X way to save screenshots for the moment!
  3. This is exactly the same problem I have. I've tried removing Skitch and any Skitch related stuff in Library/Application Support and Library/Caches, and the helper from the login items, then reinstalling v2.0.3 from the website, but I still find it hangs after I close the Skitch window and then go back to it - the thumbnail view is empty and the app doesn't respond. At the moment it's completely unusable to me :/ Are there other places I need to remove Skitch related configs to completely reset it? After the steps above it still seemed to know my Evernote account details when I started the fresh version.
  4. I have been noticing the same issues. Have had to force quit the app about 4-5 times today... The skitch window is also really glitchy when dragging around. Flickering all over the place. It also feels much slower when dragging a region to snap like the app is fighting for resources. Also the timed capture doesn't grab the right area for me (I don't know if it's a dual monitor issue causing that problem).
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