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  1. There are three main differences between an Evernote Free and Business account... related notes, data caps, and permission management. I'm in charge of a company of about 20, dispersed. We like the concept, but someone tell me why I wouldn't want to have, say 3 admins on Business, and 17 other Free accounts? I'm not seeing the issue... thoughts?
  2. Let me echo the sentiment here. I'll even spec it a little... Menu bar app. Title should be automatic, and should be the first line or 100 char, though delete back to the first space. The title will self populate above main entry, and can be clicked on and changed optionally. One keyboard combo pops this window in the middle of the screen. I'll recommend option \ for this. Then, you type in a textbox that is modal and in the center of the screen. Pressing Return is a new line only, but by option can be made as a save. The save should be by default Command S as well as Option \, and Return could be a third. By default it enters the text in your Inbox. At the bottom of the modal box should be tags. Anything in the textbox preceded by # should be moved to the tag area. So if you're typing in a #tag the word gets dropped into the tag bar below, and removed from the note text. A user could complete a note at any point by doing the following: opt\ I'm typing a note This is really fast and cool #groovy opt\ The result of this is: A note titled "I'm typing a note" A note bodied "I'm typing a note" /n "This is really fast and cool" A note tagged [Groovy] Build this, and you will get my eternal usage and probably a big uptick in users, IMO.
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