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  1. Hi, Follow up question: - If I NEVER sync skitch with Evernote, is there a way to still create a link to my screenshot so I can send to someone? I just don't want it to sync with Evernote b/c I don't need the screenshots on my iPhone, but I do need to share the screenshot with people via a URL link. Also, I noticed that the new version of Skitch does not allow the NEVER option anymore, so I had to downgrade to keep that feature. Any thought on this? Thanks, Jay
  2. thanks a lot, Joe! I didn't have that option (in v.2.0) until I just upgraded to the latest version.
  3. Hi, Is there a way to NOT synch skitch with evernote? Currently, when I take screenshots on my mac, it synch's with Evernote, but it also synch's with my iPhone. I don't need to save my screenshots on my iPhone and it's taking up space on my phone. Can you please advise? Thanks, Jay
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