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  1. Hi all, when I attach a sound file in Evernote, it uploads successfully to my account page, but the problem is when I want to play it, a question mark will appear over my file,something like this: However, it doesn't happen with the sound files that I recorded within the Evernote. In another word, I only would be able to play a sound if that sound has been recorded with the microphone in the program. Attached sound files will not play online. Can I do something about it?because it is really annoying.
  2. Hi, I created some audio file and then synchronized them. They uploaded successfully. So far, so good. Then I decided to delete the original sound files to save some space for future use. However, to my surprise, it seems that once you've uploaded a file; it is done. You can't get your space back even if you delete the original file. Am I right?
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