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  1. This is an older thread, but I am using Evernote more every day. My notes now number over 1,000 and I have started using it for taxes. I agree that tagging can be less frustrating that multiple notebooks and I will try to reduce the number of notebooks I maintain. However, there is one drawback to limited notebooks: sharing. I can email a single note, but I cannot email a collection of tagged notes. I can share an entire notebook. This has been very useful for taxes. I place my secured documents in a shared folder and share that folder with my CPA. It does appear to me that you could load your taxes into a common notebook, tag them "Taxes 2013," and then move them to a temporary notebook for sharing. The main problem I find is too many returned notes when I forget the correct search term. More practice may make perfect, but this is my view. Now, I am using the ScanSnap scanner. It is zero frustration and worth the expense to me, but it does move common document to a common notebook that later needs to be sorted with tags or moved to another notebook. Still, it is the best solution I have found so far.
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