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  1. Here you can find the solution: How to clip MathJax into EN.
  2. I found a workaround to clip MathJax formulas: do right mouse button click on the formula and select the HTML+CSS math presentation. Step by step procedure is shown in the attached images. 1) Formula to launch the menu from (using right mouse button): 2) The menu (in English one selects 'Math settings'): 3) The options to select before clipping (in English the option would be "Math Settings" / "Math Renderer" / "HTML-CSS"): Good luck!
  3. I confirm the issue as well. If you start firefox in terminal, it freezes the browser for 4 seconds COMPLETELY, than it spits ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Unsupported OS Linux ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Cannot load native lib ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Unsupported OS to the terminal and browser starts to respond. I purchased SSD drive to have the browser up and running in fraction of second, but I cannot ;-). It is sad.
  4. I cannot do offline search without working WiFi connection either. I do have premium account, offline notebook to search within, and "offline search" checked under "Settings/Search and Storage", even after the manual sync. Samsung Galaxy SII, both phone and EN are updated from official sources to the max (Android 4.0.3, etc). Looking forward for the ability to search through stuff I already have. Best wishes :-).
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