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  1. I didn't even had an option to mark a "[ ] Remember me for 30 days" checkbox, for the last week - it redirected me to the "Verify your password", constantly! Yes, EN becomes a piece of junk - real case of vendor lock-in for me. What I did - I logout explicitly and the next time I log in I had at least an option to enter the login/password together with the "[ ] Remember me for 30 days" checkbox. Still has to check if it works.
  2. Here you can find the solution: How to clip MathJax into EN.
  3. I found a workaround to clip MathJax formulas: do right mouse button click on the formula and select the HTML+CSS math presentation. Step by step procedure is shown in the attached images. 1) Formula to launch the menu from (using right mouse button): 2) The menu (in English one selects 'Math settings'): 3) The options to select before clipping (in English the option would be "Math Settings" / "Math Renderer" / "HTML-CSS"): Good luck!
  4. I confirm the issue as well. If you start firefox in terminal, it freezes the browser for 4 seconds COMPLETELY, than it spits ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Unsupported OS Linux ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Cannot load native lib ERROR console.error: web_clipper: Unsupported OS to the terminal and browser starts to respond. I purchased SSD drive to have the browser up and running in fraction of second, but I cannot ;-). It is sad.
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