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  1. I do Ctrl+N to create a new note. The cursor moves to the body of the note. The usual way I would (and I am guess a lot of people would think) is to put the subject of the note and *then* fill out the body. However, in evernote I have to put the body first, then there is a perceptible delay when evernote transfers the first line of the body into the subject, which is almost always not what I need Then I fill in the body and eventually grab the mouse go into the subject and change it. Is there a way to amke this more intuitive (at least to me) i.e. on Ctrl + N the cursor goes to the subject line first. Or is there a shortcut to go to the subject line *While* creating a new note. Unless the note is fully created and the subject is (wrongly) filled up automatically by Evernote, I can't use the tab keys to go into the subject.
  2. Step 1: When I need to search for a note with a partcular keyword, I press F6 and the focus moves to the search window. Step 2: Then I type the search keyword and the list of notes is modified to reflect all the notes that ahve the keyword Step 3: Also the first note in the list is highlighted Now, I need to move to either the note list or the note . But there is no way to move the focus. I tried escape , Ctrl + Enter etc to no avail. This just kills the use of F6 for search window. If I have to use a mouse to come out of the search, then I may as well use it to go to it. Please advise
  3. I upgrade to the newer version of evernote. All the shortcuts disappeared. I could not find a place to put the shortcut now. It does allow me to drop it at various places but the shortcuts don't appear. I have googled / looked around on youtube - cannot find a way out of it. Can anyone please advise.
  4. Today I googled more and all I could find was that customer support will sya rebuild the database as an answer to similar problem. So instead of waiting for them to respond, Signed out and Closed the desktop version database directory to another location. Reopened the desktop version and logged in once again The sync happened and the databse got rebuilt now if I add a note, it gets synced. However, the problem now is hwo to sync the 60+ notes that I had created in teh past few days. I should have exported the notes in step (1) and then closed the desktop version Now I have a database but no idea how to open it (should I make my computer offline to prevent syncing, change the database folder in desktop to point to the old database location - then export then notes to exb file , then repoint the database folder to the new database location and then import the exb file). even if I can access the textual content of hte notes I an perhaps recreate them by hand.Ideas welcome. Thanks
  5. FYI This is what a typical log says . I have replaced any personal information from <RemovedForSecurity> . I am unable to post it in support request because of the lack of characters so posting it here 01:13:41 [3296] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedFresh) 01:14:12 [484] 0% Authenticating user <RemovedForSecurity> 01:14:21 [2748] Opened database: <RemovedForSecurity>exb (32.3MB Fixed) 01:14:24 [4336] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com 01:14:24 [4336] 0% * loaded updateCount: 2340 01:14:25 [4336] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=0 01:14:25 [4336] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=2340 01:14:25 [4336] 0% * saved updateCount: 2340 01:14:25 [4336] 0% Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 0s 01:14:25 [4336] 0% * sent: 154B, received: 91B 01:14:25 [4336] 0% * 1s (100%) spent in EDAM RPC
  6. Thanks for the response. I have filed a support request. I was staring at the evernote screen (in a bid to stare down the problem :-)), when I noticed that the Notebook called all notes had a different color than other notebooks. I have filed the notes in the all notebooks (I haven't created multiple notebooks - tags serve the purpose for me). I have appended a screenshot of the file. I have 495 notes and the web version shows 374. I did not find that it exceeds the limits for a free account provided by evernote as detailed here http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34227-total-account-limit/. Please advise
  7. I am seeing bizarre behavior. Since the day I started using web version actively (i.e. 2 days ago), syncing has stopped. The desktop version shows that syncing is successful. However, the new notes do not appear when I login to the web version. I tried logging in and out. Tried to sync when the web version is logged out. Tried from other computers. Tried syncing several times. No difference. I have searched around. Nobody seems to have this issue. I am using windows XP in a VM on centos 6.3. I never had problems with evernote until now.There does not seem to be a trigger for this either e.g. some unconventioanl data type that I added OR any problem in the operating system.
  8. Thanks for the response. I am using evernote version (268178) on windows xp. I see similar behavior with intitle: and also when I search without using any of the tags i..e just typing in the keyword. The desktop version will not show the notes. The web version indexes properly. The syncing of the notes is happening though
  9. Addition: Evernote on website works well and is able to search through notes. On the windows xp it does not.I am using winxp (268178)
  10. Has anyone had a problem with a evernote not indexing the data properly? I am a free user and do not have a lot of data. For example, in the past four days, I have had about 1 MB of usage. However, I am now unable to search for keywords the new notes new notes that have been added since August. The notes do exist but when I do a search with a keyword in all notes, then these new notes do not seem to be searched. I am using the latest version of Windows. The information in the notes is all text. Any inputs will be appreciated
  11. Thank you - only the J shaped movement worked for me. This is real puzzling. This is probably one of the weirdest UI issues I have ever come across
  12. +1 on book,arks. And please suggest if there are any workarounds for the following scenarios apart from the popping out the window portion. I keep a bunch of commands to be copy and pasted for each of the 3 applications that I often use. I can pop it out but then I have 3 more windows open. I tried with adding them all in one window and I am scrolling up and down.. Maybe I can set up some shortcut key to get that comand or maybe I can reorganize them. But not sure how
  13. Thanks. I did look into it. The usage is well below the limit - 2.3 MB. I logged into the web site and all my notes (including the ones that I created for testing are there). Also, in the windows client : search does not work. Typing *any* kind of letter/keyword shows that there is no note found with that I can do searches on web though. I the uninstalled and reinstalled evernote. The results remained the same. It seems the uninstallation did not remove the database as I was hoping to see some syncing activity on reinstalling evernote to get my data back from web. Instead it still had my earlier information. Can you please provide an input on how to delete everything (without syncing of course) from my client. Is there a way to backup data on the web as I don't want the web version (the only working version) to be lost. Evernote was becoming a mission critical tool for me and now I realize that I need to have backups and all - the works. Thanks for any inputs
  14. I started using evernote about 2 months ago. I have 164 notes in 5 notebooks and around 21 tags. I am now unable to add any new note. When I click on new note, it gives me a screen for adding the title and content for the new node. However , as soon as I finish typing the title and move to the content, the note disappears and brings an earlier (already added) note. I tried it on android too with same result. I then checked the limitations on the free edition of evernote - apart from the add, there doesn't seem any. This is very frustrating as I was considering using the paid version. Anyone having come across this and know of any way to resolve this? Thanks
  15. I am new user of Evernote. Evernote is unable to load any notes in firefox browser most of the time (sometimes, it does). In chrome it works fine. Also sometimes, it will let me enter the data without any errors. After sometime, it will redirect me to login page and all the data that was entered is lost. Are these known bugs? Is there a < 10 MB evernote android application. I don't have much space on my phone..3 MB max but can move it to the phone SD Thanks for any info
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