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  1. I think this just happened to me. I did a search for a word and it found 2 docs. I opened one and began scrolling and somehow everythign went away and the doc was blank...could not get the text, pdfs and jpegs that were within it back. THese new versions seem less stable and the interface it getting janked.
  2. As evernote keeps updating this it's getting more of a mess....stop janking it leave it alone. biggest complaint is that it's way to easy to delete content from within a note...it just happened without me hitting the delete key grrrrrrr!%$%$%$# PISSED!!! As a long time free user I will start by saying thanks. unfortunately you are making this product more complex and f_cking it up. I just deleted (I have no idea how!!!) all the pdfs and jpegs and text within a note called "EMERGENCY SUPPLIES"...it's gone and should not be that easy. There should be a 2nd are you sure dialog...major failure in interface design. I am not an idiot and am tech heavy...this is a punt!!! NO undo nada. So I pay the $5 for one month of premium to try to get to the history...not easy to find but it was there but for some reason the last bakup was 12/4 not 12/18!!! So I lost everything between these dates. PIssed!!! And by the way it is way way to hard to get pdfs back out of the system...much to much workaround. No problem with jpegs. Stop wanking it up please!
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