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  1. Dear Jackolicious Thanks for the heads up, I downloaded the new version, reinstalled the Elephant icon in settings and all now appears to be working fine. Back to full functionality and the Evernote I can trust! Good stuff! Emfarrell, the symptoms you describe do sound exactly like those I suffered from and I too was running OS10.6.8. I hope you manage to pinpoint the problem soon. I empathise with the frustration... perhaps you too will discover the cause through experimentation in preferences. Have you updated to Evernote 5.0.5?
  2. I don't yet have the new beta. However, after much pain I discovered that the wipes were caused by opening Evernote from the elephant icon in the menu bar. Now that I have turned this off in preferences, albeit reducing functionality, my problem is solved. So no more web-clipping for me... I have to say - my ticketed support was partial, to say the least. Besides restoring notes from history, the only advice I was given was to make a clean re-install, which didn't work. 2 out of 5 Evernote!
  3. OK so this is still happening to me. In fact every time I open Evernote it wipes the content of a recently used note... support are on the case but there suggestion of a clean re-install didn't work. I've also found that my ipad EN app isn't properly syncing with the OSX one. Since I've restored content back into notes (I'm saving them on alternative software now since I cannot trust Evernote) but on the ipad the notes are still blank. Though bizarrely the iphone one is fine. Go figure?
  4. This is still happening to me! I open evernote and find empty notes. It's not a syncing conflict since I haven't used other devices in the last few days. I see from the forum that since May at least this has been happening to other users. Evernote used to be great, I used it for years with no problem, sadly, now it seems that the software has become too unstable to use, especially for important data. What is the bug that causes loss of data from notes???? Looks like I'm going to have to find an alternative. Any suggestions?
  5. The exact same thing has occurred to me, even though I'm on a Mac. I'm finding the new upgrade very unstable...
  6. Thanks for responding. Nothing in Trash - besides it's not the Note itself disappearing, merely content of the note. Anyway I went to my iphone to call up a local list, made a change to the most crucial note and synced to get it back. Now however, I've 2 conflicted changes notebooks in addition to my salvaged note.
  7. Dear forum users I've just experienced 2 notes having all their content wiped out. I don't know what's happening or whether I can get the data back...? Though looking back through old notes i see a quite a few are empty. What's going on? It seemed to happen as I switched between notes, I'm running 5.0.4 on a Mac.
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