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  1. I find it odd you feel you can't take the few minutes to uninstall/reinstall but are willing to spend time looking for another app. But whatever floats your boat. What about those of use that aren't able to uninstall it, I tried using Microsoft's uninstaller, Revo, Revo Pro... nothing. I don't even see evernote in the list to be able to uninstall. Is anyone else experiencing this? Does anyone have a suggestion on how I can uninstall Evernote so I can upgrade? And (to Burger N Fries): This is exactly why I expect Evernote to provide a fix within their upgrade process: I simply don't have the time to try stuff, potentially have it fail, then I can't use the app at all, or I need to find out more things to do. Your naive comment that I 'can't take a few minutes' ignores the fact that if it were that easy for everyone, this thread would be dead. It isn't. The installation is screwed up and we need Evernote to fix it because only Evernot'e test labs can determine exactly what's gone wrong and write code which repairs the problem as it installs the new version, whether that be the uninstall of the previous version, or some registry repairs. It's a completely unacceptable way to treat customers to say "try this....oops that doesn't work - try that.... oops etc. etc...". Fix it properly. Then give us the fix. I notice nobody from Evernote replied to my original message Lafite
  2. Looks like I'm stuck with this version until I find something else, then. As an ex software developer, I find it impossible to believe that Evernote can't code their updates in a way that allows them to manage round this problem. If they can't that's just too bad.
  3. Hi This may just be me, but I really don't have the time to follow an uninstall, removal, reinstall etc. etc. My expectation is that Evernote, having recognised that something has gone horribly wrong here for lots of us, will either provide an update that *does* install, or will confirm that whatever went wrong here will be fixed in the next release so I can ignore this upgrade and go straight to the next one. If the expectation from Evernote is that I'm going to do a load of work to fix it myself and no future upgrade will ever work if I don't, then I probably need a new product Can someone from Evernote please comment on this. Regards
  4. Hi I use folder import and retain (keep) the files that I've imported into Evernote. I've recently migrated to a new PC, installed Evernote, all my past notes have been downloaded from the internet, and I have copied over the old Evernote import folder with all my kept documents. I want to start putting new notes in. However this instance of Evernote sees the import folder as new, and what I would like it to do is to ignore all the files in the import folder which exist today (i.e. don't import duplicates) and just import anything I add after today. This would make it work exactly as it has before and I keep all my files in one folder. Obviously there's an easy workaround which is just to save the old import folder in a safe place, and start a new one, but can I use the old one and make it ignore the files in it at the point where I point Evernote at it? Lafite
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