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  1. I'm on MacOS Sierra, using the latest Evernote Desktop app. I find that whether a new note is created in a new tab, or a new window is opened for it, Is completely random. I can never predict which will happen when I hit CMD-N. I'm completely unable to drag a note from one window to another using its tab. So unless I happens to start a new note in a new tab. I can never manage to work with multiple tabs at once. Window->Merge All Windows is always greyed out for me.
  2. Another year later. And the tab feature is still majorly broken and completely useless on the mac. Surprise surprise.
  3. How is this still ***** broken 2 years later? I remember having this same issue 2 years ago. And why am I still forced to click "Discard Current Sketch Note". I don't save my screenshots into Evernote. I have never saved my screenshots into Evernote, and I never will. I uninstalled and re-installed it with the App Store. And that installed it into the Downloads the folder? What the hell? I've never seen an application do that. Why didn't it put itself in the Applications folder? I had to use spotlight to figure out where it went. Wow, Evernote really fucked this product up when they got their hands on it. I remember how wonderful it was before then. Now they're dragging it down with their own product. Mavericks Macbook Pro 2015 Retina
  4. I find sometimes that I need to work in multiple notes at the same time, switching between them alot. I find I can do this if I add the notes to the desktop. They all appear individually in the recent app list. Is they someway I open multiple notes (get them all in the recent apps list separately) without adding them to the desktop?
  5. Update the gist, It doesn't break so easily now. I'd still love to see an official shortcut for this though. It has a large impact on my productivity, and its the only thing I miss from the Desktop client.
  6. For the record. Here was my 5-minute shortcut fix. https://gist.github.com/dragonfax/6672e2cf1f8e85a431ae
  7. My single most-used shortcut in evernote (even more often than "paste") is creating a checkmark. I've recently moved to the Web client from the Desktop client. But this one shortcut is sorely missed. It actually has a massive impact on my work. I tried whipping up a TamperMonkey script to add the shortcut I needed. But since its tied to the class for the checkbox input element, it breaks everytime you guys release a new version of the web client code. And your code obfuscator makes it difficult to create something that will work long-term.
  8. Purpose: To increase the usefulness of tags, organizing notes by tags, and searching for tags. Feature: Just like you can set tags for a note. You can set tags for a notebook as well. By itself this is useless, but combine it with the fact that a note "inherits" all the tags set on its notebook. Benefits: Avoid redundancy of tag input. Using a lot of tags, I often have to set many tags on a note, even before I start writing the note. I have some common combinations of these tags, and it would be helpful to have these auto-set just by choosing the right notebook for the note, which I do already. Without this, sometimes typing the tags takes more time than typing or snapshotting the note itself. Note that this is a separate organization issue from buildling a "hierarchy" of tags by nesting tags. That serves and entirely different purpose. This helps tags further replace the unusable Stacks/Notebook system for hierarchical organization.
  9. Hmm. where did you find the log file? How did you enable logging. Log4Cocoa doesn't seem to be outputing anything from Evernote on my MBA.
  10. Hi, December 2012, still have this issue. This is a pretty major issue. I'm surprised its not fixed yet. I've been hit by this several times. MacBook Air 2012. osx 10.8.2. Latest evernote. Tried 15 minute and 5 minute sync settings. Nonetheless it never autosyncs. Not once. Have to hit the sync button every time (or use the shortcut). I'm about ready to write my own applescript solution.
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