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  1. Thanks for replying. The size of the note with just text is 7kb - Which is after deleting all the photos. I've deleted Evernote iOS and reinstalled it. I'm going to try and re-create the problem to see if it was a bad install. If that's even possible. Still very disappointing for a company using "Remember Everything" to promote their product.
  2. Yesterday at work, I used Evernote iOS on my iPad to take notes about the places we visited, for work. I types details and took photos with my wifi iPad. Upon trying to sync the 6 notes, each of which is between 30MB and 70MB in size, it just won't sync. I'm now connected to 100meg wifi and it's been syncing all night (9 hours) and not one note has finished syncing. In addition to this, a note has duplicated itself and a note is missing. Which has happened without me touching that iPad. Evernote will not let me Share the note, and export it without crashing. I'm a Premium user and I had nearly 1GB of data left before the sync. I was meant to have this information passed onto a colleague three hours ago. I have the current version of Evernote on my iPad mini 16GB wifi only, model MD528LL/A, iOS version 7.0.6. Help.
  3. I'm wondering if anyone has any good examples of Post-it use cases using Evernote. I love the idea of digitising Post-it notes, but I'm struggling to think of a really good reason to scan post-it's rather than simply typing the note into Evernote. I've bought some Post-it's, I love colours and the concept. I just need a reason to use them.
  4. That's really disappointing. I have chosen not to upgrade OSX because of Pro Tools, which I use daily. EN 5.X states that 10.6 is supported, but obviously not. EN3 still supports editing note location. What's the problem? Disappointing.
  5. My OSX is 10.6.8 and I have EN 5.0.7. The location is obtained from OSX when creating a new note, but I can not edit the note location.
  6. Why is it still impossible to change the note Location in 5.0.7 for Mac? This issue was highlighted when 5.0 was released and it was acknowledged by your live helpers that it was an issue. I downgraded to 3.X and continued using Evernote successfully. I just tried to find a change log of versions on the website, but no such thing seems to exist, which is annoying. Secondly, I decided to try upgrading to the current 5.X just to see if the feature had been reintroduced and it hasn't. Pretty disappointing. It seems the bigger Evernote gets the less agile the decision making and fault correcting gets. I've just downgraded again to 3.X - If anyone else wants the install file to do the same (for whatever reason), let me know.
  7. I've rolled back to 3.3.0 primarily because the location of a note can no longer be edited on ENv5 for OSX. This was a feature I used regularly to create notes for sights I want to see on trips, or coffe shops that serve great coffee etc. Without this feature, I can no longer use EN for travel. Also, I agree largely with a lot of the comments in this thread. ENv5 feels like En has tried to jump to v8 and skip a few versions. Far too many features lost and barely anything useful gained. Light user of EN may no notice, but Premium and pro users really do notice when large drastic changes are made. The Navigation buttons were super useful. I find it hard to believe the EN developers do not miss this also. Spend more time at the drawing board before releasing a shoddy version of a previously wonderful product. It's your own fault Evernote, you made something which people loved so much, then went and ruined it.
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