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  1. Minor issue here but I am seeing an issue whereby if you have a paragraph then a table below it, on the Mac client (Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b)) you're not going to need any extra lines to space it out, due the way the new tables are designed, with controls: That's my paragraph then the beginning of my table below it. Here is it is showing the controls when the table is selected: Spacing stays the same. That's great, but the problem is when viewed on the Android or Web clients there is no such space: That's looking at the website. I'm not bothered about the font differences, but the spacing inconsistency is a bit of a shame. Interestingly, if we add a carriage return after the sentence, on the web or Android, this fixes it for those clients without making any visual change on the Mac (no extra unwanted empty line). However, the only way to fix this in the other direction is to indeed add another carriage return between the paragraph and the table (on the Mac) then things look correct on the other clients (just one empty line) but there's an unnecessary return on the Mac. I propose that, if the controls have to be how they are on the Mac, then an equivalent top margin should be automatically applied to tables on other clients for consistency. I suppose ideally the controls, too! But in their absence, at least the margin. The same issue doesn't really occur on other table edges. I will also tweet this to @evernotehelps.
  2. Hi there and thanks for your comment. Evernote Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b). I just tried clipping this page: https://www.freeformatter.com/html-entities.html When clipped as "Full page" or "Article" the note ends up all being set in Helvetica Neue and when I copy and paste a symbol it is indeed pasted as its HTML entity, not as the symbol. However, when I clip it as "Simplified article" then the font is Arial and the issue does not occur. I wonder if you can shed any light on how, and which, fonts appear in the menu at all actually, because I do see some inconsistency there. I seem to recall something about Evernote using the "Web" collection of FontBook but I'm not sure if that is still the case - there's nothing in that collection on my Mac. Still seems this probably shouldn't happen for any font.
  3. However, what I will say, @JMichaelTX, is that once I scroll down further there appears to be no actual form on the page to submit the bug?! Not sure what we are supposed to do here, really - submit a bug about the bug report submission process? I have tweeted them the two recent issues I have seen anyway, though I think I have a few more. I will probably do the same as before - raise them here and tweet them. (I point them to here for a full description.)
  4. Thanks @JMichaelTX I will submit my bugs there. @Vincent Noel I'm not sure why you are not seeing those menu items - it looks almost as if the scrollbar is not appearing for you.
  5. When cutting and pasting special characters (I have checked angled brackets and ampersands), they do not cut as expected, but rather as their underlying HTML-encoded entities. For example: A cut "<" pastes as "&lt;" A cut "&" pastes as "&amp;" I usually have three fonts available in my menu: Arial, Courier New and Helvetica Neue. I'm not exactly sure why it's these three, or if it's easy/possible to add more, but depending on where my cursor is, sometimes Arial is not listed! Anyway, I notice the above issue occurs for Courier New and Helvetica Neue, but not for Arial. It seems like it shouldn't really happen, regardless of which font is used. I notice it is the cutting at fault, because a character cut from Arial pastes as expected into a paragraph using Courier New, say. But not so vice-versa. "Paste and Match Style" makes no difference.
  6. Thanks - I will tweet them. Will post another one here as feedback anyway.
  7. Hi - I am seeing an issue on Evernote Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b) whereby links (in a note's "info" metadata) are not linking correctly if they contain hash characters, or anchors: Link: http://www.mydomain.com/#in-page-anchor URL in browser: http://www.mydomain.com/%23in-page-anchor This causes 404s. Not sure if I can actually submit a bug if not a paying customer, so here it is here! Maybe if anyone else sees the same they will confirm.
  8. Thanks Dave. That's six years old now too! I had run a search but not seen it. Will upvote.
  9. On Evernote desktop version it's possible to highlight some text and go to the font menu and switch the text into that font. Apparently there is no way to do this when using the Android app. Suggest this is made possible by at least allowing access to a small set of standard web fonts: Sans (Arial), Serif (Times), Mono (Courier).
  10. Hi Fairly self-explanatory. When we have hyperlinked some text inside a note, we need to put the cursor on the text and press Ctrl/Cmd-K to examine where that link would take us. I would find it useful if Evernote copied web behaviour by automatically displaying the proposed destination in a tooltip if you paused the mouse for, say a second, over the link (at the moment it only shows a pointer cursor). In fact, it would probably be even better if you didn't have to wait and it just displayed that URL immediately on hover. This could be either as local tooltip (my preference) or I guess in some kind of status bar at the bottom. The reason this would be useful is it is not fact easy to focus on the link and run the Cmd-K shortcut, because to click on the link of course triggers it. So I find myself instead having to arrow into the text using the keyboard before pressing Cmd-K. As a workaround I often just paste the URL itself as the text.
  11. Hi Here we see a list of keyboard shortcuts for Evernote for Mac. Each note can have a URL associated with it, visible in its Note Info, then you can click on "View Site" to open that URL. I think it would be useful if that primary hyperlink could also be opened by using a keyboard shortcut when focused on the note in a list view or (particularly) when editing it. I ran a check and couldn't see this having been discussed or implemented yet.
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