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  1. Found it. In case anyone else has the same question, slide the right hand toolbar from right to left to reveal more options.
  2. Where did the non-numeric bulleted lists go in the latest upgrade? I now only see numerical lists and check boxes?
  3. iOS 10.2.1 Iphone 7 and iPad mini. Same behavior on both devices. I have the latest version of Evernote and have re-downloaded the offline notebook. This did not solve my problem.
  4. I noticed the other day that when I am offline, searching in my offline notebooks is no longer accurate. More specifically, searching for a given term in an offline notebook returns far fewer hits than when online and searching within the very safe offline notebook. Support is trying to tell me this was fixed recently, but I just tried the same search and the results were the same. Four hits when offline and 14 hits when online and searching within a particular offline notebook. Are other people seeing the same thing?
  5. Where is this: Faster notebook selector at the top of the note list remembers your recently used notebooks. I see a recent notes list, but not a recently used notebooks list.
  6. Supposedly, this feature was released on iOS on June 6th. Can anyone get it to work? I don't see any option for scanning the back.
  7. 1. This feature is not available on the MAC 2. True, but this feature does not work on mobile devices 3. Doesn't work for any web based email nor does it work on a mobile device 4. Again, time intensive and location dependant This is an advertised feature that should work. If Evernote prevents the message from going through to your account, as they did in my case, it would be nice to know that it failed and why.
  8. I found my problem to be an email address typed inside the message triggered Evernote's server filter to prevent the message from going through to my account. I guess this is a warning that Evernote's advertised feature "Email Into Evernote" should not be used.
  9. This still doesn't work on a regular basis. If I forward any piece of email that I don't care about, it seems to appear in Evernote almost instantly. If I forward an email that I actually want in Evernote, it never seems to appear. Even after days of waiting.
  10. I would also like to see the created note have a configurable title which could use scanned data. Having each note titled "Jon Doe - Scanned Business Card" is less than ideal. The title configuration could look something like "%name - %company" with the result being "John Doe - Acme Inc." or "%lastname, %firstname - %company" which would result in "Doe, John - Acme Inc."
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