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  1. Thanks Chris... no go. I tick it, close down and then reopen Outlook. Go back into com add ins and it is unticked again. Not loading. It was working, even though I am on Outlook 2010. However, I we release updates here on a time-shifted basis (our schedule not Microsoft's) so i am guessing that I may have fallen afoul of something there. In my searches I came up with the fact that perhaps 2010 is not supported yet? Perhaps I was updated to some level that precludes loading the library? Yikes. Thanks for replies all.
  2. Don't use this feature much, but when I do it needs to work. Button is gone from Outlook=. Don't recall updating EverNote as last update really fragged me. So first things first I updated it and it's still gone. Don't know where else to look. Any pointers would be appreciated. Shane
  3. Per my previous, Beta 4.6.1 resolved the issue. I logged a ticket and got a number. Frankly I do not know the number since I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that there would be tools suficient to go back and look at status later. I am on chat now to see what I am missing in that department. Ticket was logged either Thursday or Friday. Throwing Saturday and Sunday out, more than 24 hours has elapsed. Thanks for your kind help. No follow up required. Finiding an answer about Beta 4.6.1 was overall sufficient... Regards, Shane
  4. I have exactly the same issue. I updated and from that point froward, "services not running" despite the fact that the application is up and running and I have the tray icon. Logged a ticket and no-one has gotten back to me. Edit: I reinstalled current version and web clipper (just to be safe). Beta 4.6.1 fixed my issue. As a premier client I am dismayed by the failure to repond to my ticket. Kind regards, Shane
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