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  1. A little bit of background to help get to the bottom of this issue: All of our (native) clients use the same service backend as the web client (both beta and old). Clients sync directly to the server every so often or when you hit the sync button. The web client is synchronous - meaning any changes you make there are reflected on the servers immediately (caveat: the autosave on the note you're currently editing is on a timer in your browser). Keep in mind that you'll have to sync your client to see changes made on web, and you'll also have to refresh the web client (in most cases). Keeping
  2. You can also use some special words, such as "tomorrow", "1week", and "[dayofweek]" eg "sunday" for example, a subject line of "!monday" will set a reminder for the following monday, and "!1week" will set a reminder for a week from now.
  3. The Evernote Web client does indeed support resizing images in your browser. Just edit the note, click on the image and drag from the corner to resize. It doesn't actually change the image on the server, it only adds width and height attributes to the <img> tag. What this means for you is that the image looks smaller, but the original image is still there and you can resize to the original size or open it in a new tab to get the full size version.
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