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  1. I have 5.7.2 on MacOS Yosemite, and my tag updates are very slow. Renaming one tag, deleting one tag, or just displaying the tags folder, takes more than 10 seconds, during which time one CPU is completely busy. I have about 2K tags, but this only started being an issue recently. Creating notes, adding tags to notes, are pretty normal. Tag maintenance is becoming a chore because it takes so long.
  2. works great now. I was really missing that feature, thanks! Richard.
  3. I can't get note links to work between notebooks. Within a given notebook, "Copy Note Link" followed by "Paste" works fine. But if I paste into a note in a different notebook I get the text of the note link (i.e. the note title) but none of the markup that makes that text work as a link. Is this a known problem? EN client 5.0.4 on MacOS 10.8.2
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