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  1. I'm new here, but I've been searching these forums for just the thing that psionmark asked for. A way to quickly add and manage to dos on an existing note on my iPhone. I just purchased CheckEver for iOS and it does a really great job of just that. It simply displays any line with a check box fom any of my notes. I can add a new check list item to any existing list in two taps! Just thought I'd add another idea for a solution to this thread as a forum is only as good as the posts it gets. As a side note, I created an Evernote account several years ago and never really used it...primarily because it wasn't good at quickly managing to dos and I didn't quite get it. But just this year I started using OneNote at work and thought it was great at managing projects at the desk but it also doesn't do well on the go. Started searching again for a better solution and gave Evernote a try (again). I tried TSW for a about a week and just didn't like the idea of one note per task. I'm a big fan of GTD for collecting, deciding and processing stuff but prefer the list mentality of Michael Linenberger's MYN (Master Your Now). With the right tricks Evernote can do it all Happy Organizing
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